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The Little Match Girl Story

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Short Story of the Matchstick Girl

Do you love to read short stories? Reading short stories is always fun. We get to learn about so many different things and lessons of life. We can also travel to our world of imagination while listening to these stories. Therefore, we have provided a beautiful story for you to read. It is the story of the little match girl. Are you wondering why she is called a matchstick girl? If yes, then read this beautiful story to get the answer.

Summary of the Little Match Girl Story

This story about Little Match Girl is written by the author Hans Christian Anderson. The Little Match Girl Story is a story about a little girl who on a chilly New Year’s night is trying to sell her boxes of matchsticks. The story starts with the author describing the extreme winter weather and the night of the New Year.

The author describes a small girl who is out on the street hoping to sell her matchsticks. She was threatened by her father to sell these matchsticks. Despite the cold, the girl is dressed in no warm clothing or even slippers. She left her house wearing her mother's shoes, but she lost them as she walked down the street since they were too big. As a result, she was forced to go barefoot in the freezing weather.

The little match girl

The little match girl

She was starving, apart from struggling to survive the cold weather. When this poor little girl was roaming around trying to sell some matchsticks, it was the holiday season, and there was a joyful vibe all around. She looked like a figure of sorrow herself due to the cold, hunger, and grief. She noticed the lights of the festivities as she walked from one street to the next. She sensed the candles and the smells of excellent cuisine. 

The little matchstick girl selling matchsticks on a New Year’s Night

The little matchstick girl selling matchsticks on a New Year’s Night

She didn't want to go home because her house did not have a roof covering which could protect her from the cold. It would have been difficult for her to stay warm in the room in such harsh weather. But she had no other choice and decided to go home. She huddled herself against a wall and sat down after a while. Her fingers had gone numb. She hesitantly burned one matchstick from the bundle she had to get rid of the dreadful cold.  To keep herself warm, she held her hand over the bright light and covered it with her palms. She sat next to a giant iron stove and was loving the warmth of the bright flame. She tried to warm her feet with the flame but sadly it went out soon.

The little match girl tried rubbing one more matchstick. The light, however, fell on the wall this time, and it turned transparent. She had a clear view of the entire room. She noticed a table with a lovely tablecloth and food served on beautiful dinnerware. She could smell and see the roasted goose with dried prunes and apple stuffing. All of this was visible to her. The goose hopped down from the table, knife, and fork in hand, heading straight for her. But the match quickly burned out, leaving her with nothing but a cold, damp wall.

She rubbed another matchstick against the wall in order to keep her visions alive.

She noticed a large and lovely Christmas tree this time. It was big, beautifully decorated, and had dazzling lights all around it. This Christmas tree was larger than any other she'd ever seen. On the green branches of the Christmas tree, there were bells and lights, as well as gorgeous pictures hanging from it. She reached out to touch the Christmas tree because she was overjoyed to see it. But alas!  The lights and the flame went out. The Christmas tree vanished as soon as she touched it.

She lighted another match, and this time the lights appeared as stars rising higher and higher in the sky. When one of the stars dropped out of the sky, she was reminded of her grandma. Her grandmother had told her that a falling star meant death. When one of the stars in the sky falls, a soul ascends to God and becomes a star. The only person who warmed the little match girl's heart was her grandma, who adored her and was always sweet to her. Her granny was no longer alive. The small girl lit another matchstick and began conversing with the vision. She was now able to see her grandmother. Her grandmother was before her, bright and beautiful, with a gentle smile. She didn't want her grandma to vanish when the matchstick burned out just like the other visions.

Little Match Girl and her grandmother

Little Match Girl and her grandmother

So, in order to keep her grandmother close, she lit another matchstick and then another after that. She lighted the entire packet and begged her grandmother to take her to heaven as quickly as possible. Both of them went to be with God in the light and joy. They were both happy since they were together and in heaven, where there was no cold, hunger, or fear. The falling star appeared to be a foreshadowing of the little girl's own death. The little girl had been frozen to death when passers-by saw her the next morning. They noticed her body but didn't notice her smiling face. Many people mourned her, but they had no clue that she had died in an unusual way. A death that relieved her of all worries and was attended by her own grandma, and now they were both happy to be in each other's presence. 

This narrative not only justifies the tiny match girl's hardships but also describes her death in the most beautiful way possible.

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FAQs on The Little Match Girl Story

1. Why was the little match girl selling matchsticks on a chilly winter night?

The little match girl was out on a winter night to sell matchsticks because she was forced and threatened by her father. She was scared that if she was unable to sell all the matchsticks and went home without money, she would be beaten up by her father. 

2. Why did the little match girl want to go with her grandmother?

The little girl wanted to go with her grandmother because she was very close to her. Her grandmother was the only person who loved and cared for her. She missed the affection of her grandmother and thus asked the grandmother to take her to heaven along with her.