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The Youngest Daughter Story in English for Kids

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Such stories highlight the importance of being careful and alert regardless of the place or situation.

Readers will also learn to have a strong and clear mind along with a healthy body.

Introduction to the Youngest Daughter Story

There are many young daughter stories that are popular with kids. Apart from the one in this article, there is the story of King and his three daughters, and a few others, which have entertained kids for years. These young daughter stories are mostly about some special characteristic of the youngest daughter of a family and how their character forms the central plot of the story.

From the story outlined in this article, we will learn about the necessity of following instructions properly as given by our elders or superiors and also how your own intelligence and quick wit can save you from any risky situations. Having a strong and clever mind is more essential than just a heavy body but a dull mind.

Origin of Youngest Daughter Story

The story is part of folk tales of the Rajasthan region. Rajasthani culture has many stories of brave kings and queens along with farmers, animals, etc. This story is about two demons and a family of a mother and her three daughters.

Summary of Youngest Daughter Story

Once upon a time, in the Banswara village of Rajasthan, lived a wealthy family of a woman and her three daughters. They had a huge mansion that could accommodate eighty cows. The house had nine rooms spread across two floors with fourteen windows and seven entrances.

The village had been terrorized by two demons hence the mother of the big house had instructed her three daughters to keep all the seven doors closed at night. Since there were three of them, the daughters took a turn closing all the doors every day.

One night, when it was the turn of the youngest daughter to close all seven doors, she was too tired due to working all through the day. She properly closed the six doors, but she was too exhausted by then and forgot to lock the seventh door. One of the demons noticed that the door to the rich woman's house was open in the night and entered through that door. The woman and her daughters woke up, and the woman accused the youngest daughter of not locking all the doors. The demon caught the youngest daughter in a sack as he wanted to employ her as his maid to cook and clean for him in his cave.

On the way to his cave, the demon stopped to meet his friend, the other demon. But he did not want his friend to know he had captured the young girl, so he left the sack outside the cave and went in to meet his friend. After some time, he came back and carried his sack to his cave. But when he opened the sack he found the sack was full of stones, which made him go mad. The smart young daughter had managed to escape from the sack and filled it with stones. The demon went back to the rich woman's house to capture the girl again.

The youngest daughter had, by then, made a plan with her mother and other sisters to get rid of both the demons. When the demon reached their house, he heard the wails and cries of the woman and his other two daughters, saying that their young girl escaped the first demon but was again caught by the second one.

The first demon was outraged at hearing this and went to his friend's cave to fight with him. Both the demons ended up killing each other in a horrific fight. The intelligence and presence of mind of the youngest daughter not only saved her and her family but also the entire village from the wrath of both demons.

The Youngest Daughter Story

The Youngest Daughter Story

Moral of the Story the Youngest Daughter

The story tells us that we must always be careful of any looming danger and take appropriate measures so as not to fall into hazardous situations. But, in case we do get caught in a tough situation, we must not give up hope and always try to use our minds to come out of it.

Note to Parents

Through this story, parents can teach children how to be self-sufficient and also the significance of being careful. The proverb "better to be safe than sorry" applies to everyone and every situation. But parents must also teach the primary intent of this story to children that their sharp mind is their best friend and their strongest weapon. By using the presence of mind in every situation, we can even save our and others' lives.

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FAQs on The Youngest Daughter Story in English for Kids

1. Describe what the demons looked like?

The demons were huge and terribly ugly with three pairs of eyes. Their teeth were as sharp as daggers and bulged out of their mouths. Their mouths were always filled with olive saliva. They had a gold choker around their neck and wore a loincloth.

2. What was special about the night when demons entered the rich woman’s house?

It was Amavasya night which is the night of the new moon and there is no moon in the sky on this day. The village was pitch dark on Amavasya nights. Amavasya nights have huge spiritual importance in Hindu culture as on this night people make offerings to their ancestors’ souls who have passed away.

3. Why did the youngest daughter fill the sack with stones?

The youngest daughter was very clever, and after escaping she filled the sack with stones so that the demon does not get suspicious till he reaches his cave and opens the sack. This way, she bought more time to escape and also to make a plan to get rid of the two demons.