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Story of Two Friends And Sword

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An Overview of the Story

Outside of our families, our friends are our family. When we're out and about, we rely on our friends for a variety of reasons. It is said that the true nature of a true friend is revealed only in adversity. Today, we'll look at the story of two friends and a sword. In this intriguing story, we will learn about the character of a true friend as well as the story of two friends summary. We'll see how true friends treat their friends. We'll also learn about the characteristics of a true friend. Let's get started and learn about a friends story with morals.

Story of Two Friends and Sword

Once upon a time, two boys were living in a village. Sonu and Monu were their names. They worked and played together. They used to go everywhere together. Once, their father said to Sonu, “Sonu, can you please go and bring some woods from the nearby clearing in the jungle?”. “Yes, papa,” said Sonu. 

Two friends and sword story

Two Friends And Sword Story

Sonu set out at once to go to the jungle. As always, Monu saw Sonu stepping out of the house and started accompanying him to the jungle. They both started walking towards the jungle. 

After around half an hour, when they reached their destination halfway, they both saw a beautiful sword stuck in the thick foliage. Sonu saw it first and exclaimed, “Monu! Look what that is! How beautiful that sword is! I wonder who kept it there.” Monu said, “Indeed, brother. Wait, I will bring it out of the thicket.” Monu removed the sword from the thicket and marvelled at its beauty. Sonu said, “Wow, it is our lucky day! We found such a wonderful sword!.” 

Monu had some other thoughts. “No! Not ‘WE’ but ‘I’ got this sword. I am the one who brought it out of the thicket, so it is mine and mine alone. I am not giving it to anyone else.” Sonu said nothing. They continued on the path. 

However, after some more distance, around 8-10 people came running towards Sonu and Monu. When the people reached them, one of the people exclaimed, “Look! There is the sword in the hands of that boy. This shows that he is the murderer. Come on, friends, let's catch him and take him to the police station.”

People Caught Monu for Murder

People Caught Monu for Murder

Now, Monu got scared. He said to Sonu, “Dear friend, we have been caught. This is a very difficult situation.” Sonu said, “Not WE, but YOU who are in trouble. The sword is yours, right?” 

The people started taking Monu to the police station. Sonu felt pity for his friend. He intervened and explained the actual situation to the people who had caught Monu. People believed Sonu in his innocent explanation and let Monu go. 

Later, Monu apologised to Sonu, “I am sorry dear friend. I became selfish when we found the sword. Still, you were good to me and helped me get free from the people. I have not been a faithful friend to you. I will also try to be a truthful friend to you from now on.” 

Sonu was happy to hear these words from Monu and patted him on his back. They both went back to their houses and became the best example of friendship in the whole town later on. 

Story of Two Friends' Moral

True friendship is akin to a family member who is just born in another house. True friends trust each other and are together in happiness and sorrow, in times of joy and in times of trouble. That is the true character of a true friend. 


This story has taught us the value of true friendship. Sonu and Monu were friends, but Sonu was a better friend than Monu at first. When they got the sword, Monu became greedy and forgot about friendship, but Sonu demonstrates what two friends are by assisting Monu when he is in trouble, despite the fact that Monu has not shown the same sentiment toward Sonu. We hope you learned the moral of the story and the importance of true friendship. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments.

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FAQs on Story of Two Friends And Sword

1. What type of story is two friends?

Two friends and sword is a story that defines what true friendship should be. Through the two main characters, Sonu and Monu, the story's author presents the contrast between being a good friend and a bad friend. Sonu was a good friend as he selflessly helped Monu to clear his name from the trouble with the people. But Monu was a bad friend because he became selfish when he found something and was unwilling to share the sword with Sonu. 

2. How important is friendship for children?

Friends are a fundamental source of emotional stability for children. Friendships are a critical factor in healthy development and happiness. This means that if you want your child to grow up happy and healthy, it's very important to have friends at this young age!

3. What are the true characteristics of a real friend?

There is a saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. This proverb simply means that the friend who comes to your help when you are in trouble and need help is a true friend. Those friends who disappear when we need them are not true friends. You must befriend only such good friends and try to become the same as your friends. Just like in the story, Sonu came to the rescue of Monu when Monu was in trouble. Sonu could have left Monu to go to jail, but instead, he helped. These are the true characteristics of a real friend.