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Learn About Monkey and The Wedge Story in English

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Introduction to Monkey and The Wedge Story

Children! This is another interesting story from the Panchatantra and has a great moral. Sure, you've all heard the story about the monkey who died because he stuck his nose into something that wasn't important. Even though the Panchatantra Stories were written long ago, they are still relevant today. Each short story has a message for people about how to live better. The story of the monkey and the wedge goes like this. You can even tell your kids the monkey and the wedge story in English.


Know about the monkey and the wedge story with pictures


Know About the Monkey and the Wedge Story with Pictures 


The Story about the Monkey and the Wedge in English

Once upon a time, a merchant hired a lot of builders to build a temple in his garden. Every morning, they would get to work. The Monkey and the Wedge - Panchatantra Story Picture and take a break for lunch, then come back to work until the evening. One day, a group of monkeys came to the building site and watched as the workers left for lunch.


The English version of the tale of the Monkey and the Wedge


The English Version of the Tale of the Monkey and the Wedge


One of the woodworkers was cutting a big piece of wood with a saw. Since it wasn't finished yet, he put a wedge in the middle to keep the log from closing up. He then went to get his meal with the other workers. When all the workers left, the monkeys came down from the trees and started jumping around the site and playing instruments.


One monkey was interested in the wedge that was put between the logs. He sat down on the log and put himself in the middle of the half-split log. He then grabbed the wedge and started pulling on it. The wedge came out of nowhere. So, the half-split log closed in on the monkey, and the monkey got stuck in the gap. He was badly hurt, which was his fate. The monkey and the wedge story is good to tell your kids. 


Moral of the Story of the Monkey and the Wedge 

The moral of the story of the monkey and the wedge is that we shouldn't stick our noses into things we don't know about. Whoever does this will surely end up in trouble.

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FAQs on Learn About Monkey and The Wedge Story in English

1. What is the story's lesson about the monkey and the wedge?

He was in a lot of pain and yelled for his friends to come help. However, nobody was successful in releasing his legs from the log. Very soon, the monkey died. The moral of this story is that one will never find happiness by becoming involved in situations that aren't their business.

2. What was the monkey and the wedge story all about?

The monkey climbed onto the wood log and started yanking furiously on the wedge as if he were eagerly trying to figure out what it was. At long last, the wedge was removed, releasing the monkey's legs from their captivity inside the gap in the log. The monkey tried every method at his power to free his legs from the wood but with no success.

3. Who worked on the construction site in the monkey and wedge story?

At the building site, people were working in various occupations, including craftsmen, labourers, carpenters, ironsmiths, and others. There was a community of monkeys that lived in the banyan tree. The monkeys would rush to the construction site every day when the workers were on their lunch break, playing with the many objects left behind.