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Best 2 Moral Stories in English

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Two Beautiful Stories for Children

When it comes to teaching kids an important moral lesson, most parents turn to short stories. It not only pleases their interest but also teaches them valuable life lessons.

Short stories have a unique way of imparting knowledge that makes them more relevant and interesting. Rather than simply telling your kid not to lie, telling them a short story about what happens when they lie will help them understand things in a better way. 

It helps them in becoming more conscious of their behaviours and the consequences of such actions. As kids get older, the moral lessons from these stories help to build their character and conscience.

In this article, we will discuss an interesting story about bravery and how it helps to tackle situations with the right conscience.

The Thirsty Crow

It was one of those hot summer days. A thirsty crow was flying from place to place in search of water. However, despite roaming in various places, he was unable to find water.

He was flying late. He was exhausted from his constant flying. In the meantime, the scorching heat was increasing his thirst. He gradually began to lose patience. He began to sense that his time was running out. He will definitely be killed today.

He was no longer being blown away by fatigue. He sat for a while on a tree branch to rest.

He noticed that the jug had been placed under a nearby tree. He flew to the jug and looked inside, hoping to see if there was water in it.

The crow noticed that there was water in the jug, but it was so low that his beak couldn't reach it. He began to feel sad. He couldn't figure out how to get to the water in the pitcher. But then he realised that being depressed would not work; he needed to come up with a solution.

He flew to the pile of pebbles, took one out of his beak, brought it to the jug, and put it in the jug. He began to pick each pebble from his beak and place it in the jug.

The addition of the pebbles causes the water in the pot to rise.

In a short while, the jug's water level rose to the point where the crow could sip from it with his beak.

The crow's hard work had paid off, and he was satisfied after drinking water.

Image showing the thirsty crow sitting on a branch

Image Showing the Thirsty Crow Sitting on a Branch

Hare and Tortoise

A long time ago, in the forest, there lived a hare who was always bragging about his running speed. He used to make fun of the tortoise for being the slowest animal around. One fine day, he challenged the tortoise to a race so that he could show off his abilities in front of the other animals in the forest. Tired of the hare's bragging, the tortoise ultimately accepted the challenge and agreed to race him.

On the day of the race, all of the forest animals gathered to watch the hare and tortoise compete. The hare criticised the tortoise for accepting the challenge just as they were about to start the race. He further stated that after winning the race, the tortoise would be insulted by other animals for accepting the challenge. The tortoise remained silent and paid no attention to the hare's words.

The race started on the count of one, two, and three! The hare immediately began running, but the tortoise began at its usual slow pace. The hare soon reached a great distance ahead, only a few yards from the finish line. He shifted his sight to see if the turtle was still nearby. The tortoise, on the other hand, was far behind and almost invisible.

The hare decided to take a break and rest along the road before finishing the race. He looked around and noticed a field of cabbages and carrots on his left. He decided to eat cabbage and take a brief nap so that he could cross the finish line in a happy mood.

Soon after, the hare fell asleep and dreamed of winning the competition. When he woke, the sun had already set and it was getting dark. He jumped to see whether the tortoise was nearby. The tortoise was only a few steps away from the finish line, much to his sorrow.

When the hare saw the tortoise getting close to the finish line, he raced towards it as fast as he could. However, it was too late, and the turtle eventually crossed the finish line, winning the race.

When the hare arrived at the finish line, all the animals were laughing at him for losing the race to the tortoise. That day, he learned that bragging about something does not bring you respect, and hence you should never insult others at their own pace.

Image showing the illustration of tortoise winning the race

Image Showing the Illustration of Tortoise Winning the Race

Lessons from the Story

No matter how difficult the situation, one must work patiently and intelligently to tackle it. Every problem can be solved with patience and intelligence.

In the second story, the tortoise is mocked for its speed, and the hare challenges it to a race. The hare leaves the tortoise and, thrilled with its triumph, falls asleep midway without finishing the race. When he awakens, he finds that his opponent has gone ahead of him, crawling slowly but steadily.


Morals and messages in stories are always powerful. These stories will motivate children and build the right value system in them, allowing them to grow into good human beings in the future. They are excited to read and are meant to be read at a higher level as well. They provide an easy and basic understanding of human life.

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FAQs on Best 2 Moral Stories in English

1. How did the Crow drink water?

The Crow puts pebbles inside the jug one by one until the water level rises to the top of the jug and drinks water.

2. What are the factors that allowed the Tortoise to win?

Two factors led to the Tortoise's victory. The first is Hare's gloomy attitude. His arrogant personality caused him to believe he could never lose to a lesser creature like the Tortoise, and his careless outlook led him to believe he could take a nap and still win.

The Tortoise's perseverance is the second factor. Despite the fact that the odds were set against him, he never stopped moving throughout the race. In the end, his perseverance and Hare's arrogant attitude helped the Tortoise to win the race, reminding us all that no matter what is thrown at us, we, too, can win with a positive attitude and determination.