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The Prodigal Son Story for Kids with Moral

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An Introduction to The Prodigal Son Story

This story is about a rich farmer who had two sons. Among the two sons, the younger son wanted to live a rich and free life. He was also too greedy and asked his father to give him his share of the property. As his father handed over his share of the property, he left his home with his share. He started living a lavish life with his friends. He adopted many bad habits and wasted all his money. 

He was even struggling for food and shelter. On seeing his condition, he soon realized the mistake. He went back to his father and asked him to forgive him. Read the story to know what was the father's reaction toward his son after this.

The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son

A Short Story About The Prodigal Son

Once upon a time, there was a rich farmer who had two sons. He loved his darling sons a lot and wanted to share all his riches with them after his death. The younger son did not want to wait anymore. So he went to his father and said, “Father, can I have your money now?” The father was sad to hear this but he gave him money as he loved him dearly.

The son went to live in a new city. He had a lot of fun there and made many new friends. Soon he lost all his dearest friends and money. He was left with nothing. Then, the son found a job feeding pig on the farm with a local farmer. He used to get very little money and had to stay hungry most of the time.

He thought to himself, I am dying of hunger day by day. He further said, even the servant in my house gets more food than they need. Soon, he decided to ask his father to forgive him and give him some work on his farm. When the son came to the village, his father saw him and ran to meet him.

When the son met his father, he begged him to forgive him. This father hugged him and said, “Bring nice clothes for yourself and prepare a feast! My lost son is finally back to me.”

On seeing this father’s love towards his son, Jesus said, “God treats us all like his children. He always forgives his children”.

Teaching for The Kids

Here, Jesus is telling us that each person is precious to God. Jesus says, whenever you unintentionally make a mistake and ask for forgiveness for what you did wrong, Jesus always stands beside you and welcomes you back wholeheartedly. So, be like a father, not a prodigal son.


In this story, we have learned that no matter how far we stay away from God or how much we misuse his gift, he always gets delighted when we return back to him, His selfless love always waits for us to return back to the home where he greets us with his open arms.

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FAQs on The Prodigal Son Story for Kids with Moral

1. Why did the father forgive his son in the story?

The father forgives his son when he returns home because he realized his mistake. Similarly, God always forgives his children and welcomes them once they realize their mistakes and ensure not to repeat them again.

2. Who is the prodigal son in the story?

The prodigal son is the rebellious son who misused his money and returned back to home to his father once he realized his mistake.

3. What was the father’s greatest wish for his prodigal son?

The father wished that his prodigal son return back to his father’s home, the home where he was born and grew up.