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Mouse In The House Story for Kids

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Introduction to Kid’s Stories

There are also several untold stories of how Hurricane Sandy harmed non-human species. Mice that found safety in our home is one such story. Steve and I assumed the mice were also victims of Hurricane Sandy, as we assumed they had fled in fright from our shed to the nearest safe haven—our house.

These mice inspired Steve to create “A Mouse in the House”, a true story.

The Story

A mouse sneaked inside a house. The mouse was first noticed by Granny. She jumped onto the sofa and exclaimed, "Mouse! Mouse!"

All of the pillows were thrown on the ground.

Granny, showing the mouse

Granny, Showing the Mouse

"Where! Where!" Dad yelled as he climbed up the window. He drew the curtains all the way down. "It's right there!" Mom exclaimed as she jumped onto the table. The plates all crashed on the floor.

"Go, grab the mouse," Mithun said to his pet cat. The cat hid under the bed.

Mithun yelled, "Mouse!" and ran after the cat.

"I'll catch the mouse," the mother declared bravely.

She took up the broom and began searching the area.

"It's right behind you," Dad exclaimed. When Mom saw the mouse, she hid beneath the bed.

"I know what to do," Granny replied as she decided to step down from the sofa.

She started to roll the newspaper and looked for the mouse.

Dad, who was hanging from the window, said, "The mouse is right next to you!" Granny hid under the bed when she saw the mouse. "What should I do now?" Dad asked softly.

Family, searching for mouse

Family, searching for mouse

Dad was unable to reach the top of the window. Before Mouse could see him, he came down from the window and hid under the bed.

"Mouse in the house!" shouted the entire group. Choti awoke from her sleep when she heard the noise and sat on the rug. Who, however, is sitting on her pillow???

It was two-eyed, four-legged, and had a long tail. Choti shouted, "Mouse!" and ran after the mouse.

Choti running behind the mouse

Choti Running Behind the Mouse

They jumped on the sofa, climbed on the window, and rolled on the pillows.

They ran on the curtains and tripped on the plates and phew!! The mouse was out of the house.


The moral of the story is to be compassionate. Some of us are more frail than others and require special attention. Compassion is not a sign of immaturity. It is an indication of high character strength and a strong human spirit. In this story, Steve showed a great deal of sympathy for the little creatures. He possessed a remarkable capacity for love and compassion for all living beings. It was because of this that he became a giant among men.

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FAQs on Mouse In The House Story for Kids

1. Why are stories important for kids?

Stories encourage a child's imagination by introducing new concepts, such as imaginative worlds, other planets, various points in time, and fictional characters, into their world. It will teach the kids the belief that they can and should imagine whatever they desire.

2. How do stories help kids to develop imaginations?

The beauty of storytelling is that it can be both incredibly realistic and fantastical. They can be reading about youngsters growing up in similar circumstances to them one minute and then reading about another species, such as Martians vacationing on Jupiter, the next.

3. How can kids improve their confidence levels by listening to stories?

Children who can read proficiently are more likely to be self-assured. This will help kids at school because they will be able to fully participate in activities. Knowing your place in the world is another aspect of developing confidence and self-esteem. Stories can aid this process by demonstrating to youngsters what people's lives are like in their own regions, as well as in other parts of the world.