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Potato, Egg, and Coffee Bean - A Short Story for Kids

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Introduction to Potato, Egg and Coffee Bean Story

The potato, egg, and coffee bean is a real-life inspirational story for kids and teens. The story is about a daughter who constantly faced challenges and difficulties in life. When she shared her problem with her father, her father explained how to face difficulties in life with a real -example of boiling potatoes, eggs, and coffee beans. 

The story shares a firm moral that we must share with our kids to help them to learn to face challenges and difficulties in life. Read the complete story below and know the morals shared by the story.

Potato, Egg, & Coffee Bean Story

Potato, Egg and Coffee Bean Story

Short Story on Potato, Egg and Coffee Bean

Once upon a time, a daughter complained to her daughter that her life was sorrowful. She got tired of struggling and fighting in her life all the time. It seems that life is full of problems. As one problem gets solved, another problem soon follows. 

Listening to this, the father asked her daughter to follow him to the kitchen. In the kitchen, the father filled three pots with water and placed the pots one above the other on a high fire. Once the three pots started boiling, he placed potatoes, eggs and ground coffee beans in three different pots.

The daughter impatiently waited to see what her father was doing. After 20 minutes, all the three burners were turned off by her father. The father further took the potatoes out of the pot and placed them in a  bowl. He then pulled out the eggs and placed them in a bowl. He further took the coffee out and placed them in a cup. 

Turning to her, he asked, “Daughter, what do you see?”

“Potatoes, eggs, coffee beans in three different bowls,” she hastily replied.

The father then asked her to have a sip of coffee. The rich aroma of coffee brought a smile to her face.

“What does this mean?” The daughter asked her father.

He explained that potatoes, eggs, and coffee beans had faced the same difficulties- the boiling water. However, each one’s reaction is different. The potato went in strong but became weak and soft in boiling water.

The egg was weak with the thin outer shell protecting its inner part i.e. liquid part until it was placed in boiling water. Then the inner part of the egg also became hard.

The ground coffee beans were unique. After they are exposed to boiling water, they change their color and create something new.

The father further asked his daughter, “Which are you? How do you respond when difficulty knocks on your door? Do you think of yourself as a  potato, an egg, or a bean?”

Moral of The Story

The story of potatoes, beans, eggs, and coffee states that there are several things that happen to us, and happen around us in life. But, what truly matters is how we respond to the situation when something happens to us. 

The story encourages us to fill our lives with love, big dreams, inspiration, power, integrity, gratitude, etc. so that when you fall into the boiling adversities of life, you won’t get too weak or too hard. Instead, you become magical and spread some positive magic such that one problem gets solved, and another problem soon follows.


Everyone faces some or other problems, but every individual has a different choice on how to respond to the problem or situation. You should teach your child that whenever they face difficulties in life, instead of becoming weak or soft, stay strong and hard. They should always try to give new meaning to their life. Children should know they have power and can strongly control their thoughts, decisions, and actions.

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FAQs on Potato, Egg, and Coffee Bean - A Short Story for Kids

1. What is the coffee bean philosophy in the story?

The coffee beans actually change the color of the hot water. Whenever the water gets boiled, it releases the fragrance and flavor.  Therefore, if you are like a coffee bean and things get worse in your life, it is suggested that you get better and change the situation around you.

2. What do the potato, eggs, and coffee beans represent in the story?

The potatoes, eggs, and coffee beans are the three different ways people face adversities. The boiling water represents the troubles and challenges we face in our life. The potato which was once strong and hard became weak and soft in the boiling water.  The egg was fragile and weak before but turned hard after boiling. But the ground coffee beans reacted differently. They transformed and adapted something completely new in the boiling water.