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Short Story on Gratitude for Children

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This is about short stories of gratitude and thanksgiving. It is essential to be grateful, especially when you are being rewarded for your work. When you are thankful, you can feel that you deserve what is happening to you and that it is not a mistake.

Gratitude Stories with Morals

Being grateful and kind can open you to new and different perspectives. When we consciously choose to be kind, we are more than friendly. We are communicating a value to people just like the little fish did in this story. The fish helped the octopus when no one else was helping. The octopus remembered the help and repaid the little fish, which helped him make many friends. This story has an important lesson and is very interesting for children.

Gratitude written on a stone

Gratitude written on a stone

The Octopus and The Little Fish

Once, a shy and quiet octopus went about on his own because he was too self-conscious, although he wanted to have lots of friends. The octopus tried to catch a slippery oyster but couldn't. Unfortunately, he tied himself into one massive knot and could not move. He struggled desperately to wriggle free, but that did not work either. Finally, though it was embarrassing to ask for help, the octopus had no choice but to call out to a passing fish.

Many swam by without paying him any attention, but one kind little fellow offered his assistance in untangling all those tentacles from suckers. The octopus was relieved to be set free, but he remained too shy to speak with the fish and make friends. Instead, he thanked them for their help and quickly swam away. The octopus was so disappointed that he missed a chance to make friends with the little fish; he felt sad all night. A few days later, the octopus was resting between some rocks when he noticed that all of his neighbours were swimming past quickly.

Looking into the distance, he saw an enormous fish coming over to feed in that area. As the big fish pursued it, the octopus promptly hid; but peeping out from his hiding place, he saw that a kind little fish had untied him. That little fish needed urgent help, but no one dared go near such a dangerous-looking predator.

The octopus, who remembered how the little fish had helped him by leading him to a school of other fish, felt he owed it to his rescuer's memory to do whatever he could for this new companion. Without hesitation, the octopus came out from his hiding place among the rocks and placed himself smack in front of the approaching fish. Before it could react, he shot forth a massive blast of ink that temporarily blinded the target.

He grabbed the little fish and swam off, but the big fish recovered quickly from his surprise. He raced to the rocks, expecting to find an octopus and some little fish. Now he was determined to eat them up. However, the fish's craving for colour soon turned into an unbearable itch. First, his gills, then his fins, and finally, every inch of skin erupted in hives from allergic reactions to black ink. The big fish, circling on the pond's surface, swam away in a huff.

The fish, hiding from the pike, congratulated the octopus for being brave. Then they told him how he had helped one of them escape by distracting a larger fish a few days earlier. "But I never knew anyone could be so grateful," said the little fish, "that someone would do something this dangerous." When other fish heard about the shy octopus's bravery, they all wanted to be his friend.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the above-given short story on gratitude is: “Always be thankful for others' kindness and be kind to others”.


Gratitude is a very important tool that helps many people to be positive and happy. The story's message is that if you are grateful for what you have, then good things will happen. But if you are always complaining about what you do not have, it will become more difficult for good things to come your way. So make sure you show gratitude towards others, and God will open the doors for fulfilling your needs just like he did for the octopus and the little fish in this short gratitude story.

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FAQs on Short Story on Gratitude for Children

1. What is gratitude?

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation, thanks, or respect. It can be directed towards people, animals, or even inanimate objects. Gratitude is one of the most important virtues you can cultivate in your life. Being grateful for the things you have, the things you do, and the people in your life will make you happier. There are many true stories of gratitude that will help you understand better.

2. Why should we be kind?

Kindness is very important because it makes us feel happy and good when we do nice things for others. When someone does something nice for you, it makes them feel good too. Kindness goes both ways and makes both parties involved feel happy about themselves and each other.

3. Why was no one helping the octopus?

The octopus was too shy to ask for help, so the passing fish paid no attention and did not help him.


This is about short stories of gratitude and thanksgiving. It is essential to be grateful, especially when you are being rewarded for your work. When you are thankful, you can feel that you deserve what is happening to you and that it is not a mistake.