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Letter X Stories - Learn about Letter X with 4 Different Stories

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Teaching the Letter X to Kids

The letter ‘X’ brings us closer to the end of the English alphabet. We sing A, B, C and then get close to the alphabet X, after which comes Y and Z! But words, stories, or books starting with alphabet X are quite rare. 

But we have brought to you four topics pre-dominated by the letter X. This will help you learn about the letter X better and make you even more aware of this English alphabet. Let us read all the stories with an X letter.

The Mother with X-ray Vision

Zenith’s mother is just like all other normal mothers. His mother has ordinary blonde hair, wears an ordinary dress, and also carries a beautiful smile. But, Zenith suspects his mother has X-ray vision. 

His mother knows exactly when Zenith goes out with his friends, she knows exactly where Zenith hides in the hide-and-seek game. One day when his mother was not at home, Zenith was using her fry pan and her favourite cutlery set. When she returned home, the first thing she screamed was “Zenith! Why did you use my cutlery set!” .

All these instances made Zenith think, like a naughty little boy, that his mother got X-ray vision. 

Mr. Fox on the Job

Mr. Fox was once riding his mother’s bike. He was riding carelessly, hence he fell down and broke the bike. To this, Mr. Fox’s mother was very upset with him. The mother told Mr. Fox to get a job and fix the bike with the money he will earn. 

After this, Mr. Fox begins his job hunt. He first worked at a shoe store where he had to work too much. Then he started to work at the Pizza station where he had to be too fast at delivering pizzas. Then again he switched his job to an amusement park, even there he quit saying the park was too scary for Mr. Fox. Then one fine day, Mr. Fox had just spotted a perfect job for himself. ‘Sleep fast bed test’ here he just had to lie on the bed and sleep and thereby judge the efficiency of the bed at making the people sleep. He worked at an advertising media company. 

The Surprise Birthday Box

Meena, on her 12th birthday, was waiting for gifts from her father. Her father surprised Meena every year with a special birthday box. This time too, the surprise birthday box was waiting for her in the games room. 

It was a big birthday box coloured with pinks and a silver foil wrapper. Exciting as it seems, Meena hurriedly opened the surprise birthday box. When she wrapped it open, there lay a cute little kitten in a small basket. She was overjoyed! She picked up the little kitten on her lap and fed her warm milk. She thanked her father and hugged him for this cute little kitten.

Jessica’s X-Mas Tree

Every year at Christmas, Jessica decorated her X-mas tree. She was a very cheerful girl who always had this giggle on her lips. She helped her mother decorate the X-Mas tree. This time too, Jessica decorated the X-mas tree on Christmas Eve. The next morning on Christmas day when she woke up, she found the tree was blown and heavy snow covered her decoration. She cried bitterly. Seeing this, Mr. Santa Claus could not resist coming and helping the poor child. 

Mr. Santa rode on his reindeers and came down to Jessica. Jessica was very surprised by Santa Claus. She hugged him and felt his big round belly and long white beard. Santa said that as Jessica is a good girl he will give her an X-mas tree. So, Santa presented her with an X-mas tree which was twice as big as the one she previously had. She was extremely delighted and thanked Santa. That was the best Christmas ever for Jessica!

Letter X

Letter X


As we come to the end of these beautiful stories, did you notice that each story was dominated by an x-letter word? In the first story, the mother had X-ray vision, the second story was about a lazy Fox and next was Meena’s surprise gift box. The last story was about Jessica’s X-mas tree. 

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FAQs on Letter X Stories - Learn about Letter X with 4 Different Stories

1. Where does the letter X come in the English alphabet?

The letter X comes towards the end of the English alphabet. It is the third last letter in the English alphabet. X, Y, and Z!

2. Identify the X-words from the stories above.

The X-words from the stories are as follows: 

  • X-Ray

  • Fox

  • Box

  • X-Mas Tree