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The Crocodile and The Monkey - A Childhood Short Story from Panchatantras

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Learn about the tale of Crocodile and the Monkey

Learn About The Tale of Crocodile and The Monkey

Introduction to Story of Childhood

This is a story of a monkey and a crocodile. Chambal is one of the largest forests where they used to live. The story talks about the crocodile's wife's greedy need to eat the monkey's heart while the monkey smartly escapes this situation and befools the crocodile.

Monkey enjoying with the clever crocodile

Monkey Enjoying with The Clever Crocodile

The  Story of The Crocodile and The Monkey

A lovely river called Nallar flows through the Chambal forest. There was a fox named Kullan. The Nallar River was home to several crocodiles. Mandu had an island with fruit trees in the middle of the river.

In the tree, a troop of monkeys lived. The crocodile Mandu and the fox Kullan got along well. One day, Mandavi, Mandu's wife, expressed to her husband that she desired to eat a monkey's heart. Mandu retorted that since monkeys resided in trees, it was challenging for him to trap one. But Mandavi stated that she needed to eat a monkey's heart since she had heard they were delicious. 

Mandu was disheartened. He was sobbing while he lay on the edge of the Nallar River, and Kullan, a friend of Mandu's, the fox, visited the river to drink water. When Kullan noticed Mandu crying, he asked, "Why are you so unhappy, my friend?" “Oh, my friend, my wicked wife wants to devour a monkey's heart,” Mandu retorted. Mandu burst into loud sobbing. "My friend, don't worry," Kullan reassured. For your benefit, I'm here. I'll give you a good idea for catching a monkey.

Mandu’s Plan for The Monkey

Kullan instructed Mandu to bring some fruit from the island and put it at the bank. Monkeys will taste them. They can expect you to get them back. Take them one by one and offer their bodies to your wife and me, respectively.”

The following morning, Mandu fetched some bananas from the beach and placed them next to a tree home to some monkeys. Young and active, Kapilesh was a monkey. He had intelligence as well. He observed the freshly planted fruits along the banks. He descended gradually and took a bite. Kapish screamed, "Oh! These fruits are excellent," as he was delighted. “What is their origin?

It is what I gave my pal," said Mandu. "I can assist you in going to the beach to consume greater quantities of these fruits and have fun in the ocean. You can easily be carried on my back, too." Kapish and Mandu grew to be close friends. Mandu used to take Kapish for a short journey into the river each day and bring him fruits. Mandu's wife once scolded him for failing to obtain a monkey's heart for supper. Mandu also promised to deliver a monkey's heart the next day. Kapish then enquired the following day, "Mandu! Will you accompany me to the beach today?"

Kapish sat behind Mandu. Mandu set off in the direction of the island. Mandu said to Kapish as he got closer to the island, "My friend, we are not heading to the island to eat bananas." Your body will be given to my friend Kullan, and I'll take out your heart and give it to my wife. Mandu laughed, saying, "You know Kapish, my spouse adores your heart."

Kapilesh responded, "You won't discover my heart in my body. I'm sorry, Mandu, my friend.” “Where is it? Be honest with your pal.” Asked Mandu.

Kapish replied, "My friend, I hung my heart from a tree near my house." "We'll head there and take your heart," Mandu responded. Kapush said, "Please turn around and head quickly towards the tree." When they got close to the river Nallar's bank, Kapish leapt onto the bank and went up a tree.

He then yelled at Mandu from the tree, "You stupid!" My heart is within me, Mandu. Everyone's heart is inside them, And it cannot be kept away or removed. You will never succeed in winning my heart. Mandu realised Kapish had played a ruse on him. He floated back to his wife after becoming quite discouraged.

Childhood Story Summary

A crocodile who lives near a river with his wife. He befriends a monkey that resides in a tree along the bank of the river to give his heart to his wife for dinner. As a result, the monkey primarily falls for his trap but smartly learns about the crocodile’s intentions and fakes that his heart is left on the tree. He saves himself from the crocodile’s trap.

Moral of the Story

Never trust a stranger, and be aware of your surroundings. Just like the monkey, we should never underestimate ourselves. Despite not having the advantage, he avoided trouble using wisdom.

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FAQs on The Crocodile and The Monkey - A Childhood Short Story from Panchatantras

1. What is the central conflict of the tale Monkey and Crocodile?

The crocodiles and monkeys live in the water in this tale. The crocodile decides to catch the monkey one day; his wife wants to eat the monkey’s heart. Both monkey and the crocodile try to fool one another using smart strategies. The cunning monkey saves himself from all the crocodile's plans.

2. What lesson did we learn from this story?

We ought to be sincere and never trust someone at first sight while making new friends. Awareness of other people’s intentions is a must for our safety. Also, we must use our minds and stay calm to escape such traps as the monkey did.

3. How did the monkey manage to survive?

The monkey saved himself by remaining composed and informing the crocodile that his heart was on the tree. He cleverly managed to fool the crocodile as he got to know his true intentions towards him to please his wife by offering the monkey’s heart.