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A Noble Story in English: Noble Monkey

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What is the Story “Noble Monkey” about?

This is one of the most popular Jataka stories for children. Many stories for children help them understand and create interest in the concept. This noble monkey is one of such stories that inspires the children from the start till the end. This story is about a group of monkeys that live in a forest, which is well explained by the author and makes many children accountable for the moral of the story.

Let us know the story about the wise monkey from this article.

The Story: Noble Monkey

Let us understand the overview of the story here.

A huge group of monkeys lived deep in the forest a long time ago. The monkeys had a King who was large and powerful, and he ruled them well. The monkeys had discovered a mango tree growing along the river's edge. It was bursting with large, sweet mangoes.

"Don't allow a single mango to fall into the river," the wise monkey King warned all the monkeys. If you do, the river will take it to human settlements, and once they learn about this fruit, we will no longer be safe here, as they will come in quest of the fruit and destroy us in order to retain it for themselves." As a result, the monkeys were extra careful, and they always took care of the mangoes near the river's edge.

Noble Monkey

Noble Monkey

Without their knowledge, a large, ripe, and sweet mango fell into the river one day. The mango swam across the creek and landed on the other side. The clothing was being cleaned by the Royal washerman. He discovered the mango. It appeared to be delicious and juicy. He made the decision to present the mango to the King. "Your Majesty, I discovered this ripe, golden mango in the jungle on the bank of the river."

The mango was eaten by the King. He had never tasted a mango as sweet as this one. He wished for more of these mangoes. "The washerman found it floating on the river's edge," he explained. “It had to have sailed in from the other side of the river." As a result, he started to track down the mango's origins. He rode the boat to the other side of the stream with a few soldiers. They could see the mango tree from the boat. The King was delighted. He could finally eat the mangoes.

Meanwhile, some monkeys noticed the men approaching. They raced to their King and alerted him that some men on boats were approaching the orchard. "We had to leave the orchard. Now, everyone, swing on the vine and cross the stream to the other side. When you've all arrived safely on the other side, I'll join you." He assisted the old and young monkeys in jumping to the opposite side. He prepared to swing to the other side once he was certain that all of the monkeys had safely reached the opposite bank. On the other side, all of his subjects were waiting for him.

However, the vine had become too weak to support the Monkey King's weight. The Monkey King was thrown into the stream when it shattered. All of his subjects cried out for aid when they saw him tumble into the stream. All of this was being observed by the King. He admired the way Monkey King had dispatched all of his subjects to the safe place.

When he saw the Monkey King falling into the river, he ordered his warriors to save him. "I'm quite impressed by your sense of duty," the King added as he welcomed Monkey King. On the opposite side, all of your subjects are now safe. You're tired. I gladly welcome you to spend a few days with me at my palace." "Your Majesty, I am writing to express my heartfelt condolences. Thank you for your kind invitation, but I'm afraid I won't be able to join you. My home is in the company of my subjects.” "I have to stay with them," Monkey King stated.

"You're a great King. You are well aware of a King's responsibility to his subjects. Because I am also a King, I am unable to harm you or your subjects. I'd come to pick some golden mangoes. But now I'm not going to touch these mangoes. This is your domain. I can't harm it in any way. Please continue to live with your subjects here," the King said.

"I am forever thankful to you for sparing my Kingdom and saving my life. I can't let a friend leave without a present. Please accept a few of these sweet mangoes and bring them to your kingdom. Every year, I'll send you some of these delicious mangoes. It will ensure the longevity of our connection." The Kingsmen returned to their palace with some mangoes. The monkeys continued to live in the woods.

Moral of the Story

So, dear children, did you notice how honourable, responsible, and affectionate the monkey was to his subjects? That is how you will be expected to treat your friends and everyone else. The moral of the story is to be kind to others.

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FAQs on A Noble Story in English: Noble Monkey

1. Why did the King’s men decide to drive the monkeys away?

The King's men were irritated when they saw the monkeys eating the fruit. As a result, the King's men decided to drive the monkeys away.

2. How did the King of Benaras know about the fruit?

A ripe mango fell into the river one day and was swept downstream to Benaras by the current. A fisherman who had never seen anything like it before discovered it. As a result, he gave it to the King. As a result, the King of Benaras learned about the fruit.

3. How did the king monkey save the other ones?

The monkey king swung back to the side where the other monkeys waited, grabbing a tall cane with his legs. Then he grabbed a tree branch with both hands. With his own strong body, he built a bridge across the river. Other monkeys' lives were saved as a result of his actions.