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Letter H Story for Kids

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Write Letter H and Read Letter H Story

Do you know any H-letter words? Oh! I have one, H for - Hi.

Hi! Friends, do you love listening to stories?  What about Letter H Story? The story will be as interesting as you can imagine. In the letter H story, we will be guiding you on how to write the English letter H and then will tell a story about Hicky and Hindy. 

Are you excited about it? Definitely, you are! So, let's read it aloud.

How to Write the Letter H? 

Letter H is the eighth letter in the English alphabet. Do you know how to write the letter H? Let’s learn. If you already know how to write the letter H, why not practice with us?

First, make one line down. Next, go further to the right side and make a similar line down. Now connect these two straight lines (parallel lines) with a short flat line (horizontal line) from the middle.

Writing Letter H

Writing Letter H

In the above figure, do you see the numbers 1, 2, and 3? You need to follow the same sequence while writing the letter H. First, draw line number 1, then line number 2 and later join both the lines with line number 3 from the middle. 

Voila! You just wrote the letter H!

Now, to celebrate your achievement, how about we tell you the story of Hindy and Hicky? 

Story of Hindy and Hicky

Hindy was a huge horse and her friend was a hippopotamus whose name was Hicky. Hicky was a sad hippo. 

Hindy wanted to cheer him up. Hindy asked her friend “What can I do to make you happy?” 

She tried to flip her hair really fast to make the hippo laugh but that did not work. Then she asked Hicky “Would you like to have your favourite hot dogs?” But Hicky grumbled that he was in no mood to eat hot dogs.

Hindy asked, “how about some good jokes?”. But, Hicky replied, “I would love some!” 

Hindy walked and wandered around to find jokes for her friend. While she was passing a hat store, she heard some funny jokes. She entered the store and went up to her friend horse Halley “Where do these jokes come from?” Hally “the jokes are from this magical hat.” Hindy wore the hat. 

The hat said “Where do horses live? In the NEIGH-bourhood!” 

Halley and Hindy started laughing at the joke. So, Hindy bought the funny hat and went to Hicky’s house. Hickey found the hat to be a hilarious one. 

The whole day, the magical hat cracked funny jokes that made the two friends burst into laughter.

Now both friends were happy, Hicky and Hindy went to an ice cream shop where they ate hay and honey-flavoured ice cream.

Yummy it was!


Hindy is truly a good friend indeed who made her friend, Hicky laugh at the end. The story concentrated more on the H letter words thus no wonder, why the two friends’ names started with the letter H. 

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FAQs on Letter H Story for Kids

1. What letter comes before and after letter H?

The letter G comes before the letter H and the Letter I comes after the letter H.

2. What are some H-letter words in the story?

Some H letter words in the story are as follows:

  • Hindy

  • Hicky

  • Horse

  • Hay

  • Honey-flavoured ice cream

  • Hilarious

  • Hot Dogs