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Introduction to Humpty Dumpty Story

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This is the story of the most famous egg in all of the land: Humpty Dumpty. 

Humpty Dumpty originated from an egg that was sitting on a wall. Born without fanfare or any sense of self-consciousness, he was simply content with being himself and doing as he pleased. 

With each passing day, he found himself becoming more popular among the other animals on the wall. All agreed that Humpy had something different about him; something special and magical about him which could not be described with words alone.

Description of Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty was a smooth, round, and big egg that enjoyed skipping and jumping. He was always seen popping up in the sky all day long. He had many adventures and he was very happy. 

He was not a typical egg one might see. He was extraordinary as he could smile, laugh, and play around like any other child. His favourite pastime was to sing, dance, and run about in the meadows.

Humpty Dumpty Waving

Humpty Dumpty Waving

Beginning of the Story 

One day, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall singing a song. All the king's horses and all the king's men came to listen to Humpy as he sang.

The people were concerned Humpty Dumpty might trip and injure himself. They warned him to exercise caution. Humpty Dumpty was unconcerned and kept on skipping and jumping as much as he wished.

Humpty Dumpty's Fall

Humpty Dumpty was extremely naive and would not obey any advice. As a result, when Humpty-Dumpty fell to the ground after sitting on a wall one day, all of the king's horses and soldiers were unable to put him back together.

Everyone's Attempts

They observed Humpty Dumpty's fall. They acted swiftly to assist. However, it was too late. The shell of Humpty Dumpty was shattered. His yolk and egg white were all over the place. They were no longer able to help Humpty Dumpty in any way.

Soldiers trying to fix Humpty Dumpty

Soldiers Trying to Fix Humpty Dumpty

The Fate of Carelessness 

Everyone can see that he had a very tragic ending as a result of his carelessness and refusal to obey anyone's advice; he was worse than a scrambled egg. Every companion and closest of Humpty dumpty started shaking their heads unhappily as they said, "The king, his horses, and his men tried all they could for him, but his plight was hopeless."

The tragic tale of Humpty Dumpty ended as he fell to his death on the ground. Humpty Dumpty was ruined forever after falling from the wall with a splat. It was thought that he had broken his shell into numerous pieces and cracked it open which left him to die within a few days. 

The king, his soldiers, and all of his horses were very sad about his unfortunate end. He was buried or dismembered into many pieces soon after his fatal fall incident.

Moral of the Story

We must always listen to our elders because they only have our best interests in mind.


The story of Humpty Dumpty is a short and simple but amusing short story that everyone can relate to. Every time we see the sunrise, we know it will be another day of skipping in the meadows with all of our friends. 

Unfortunately, this once very happy egg and his family got angry at him for not behaving in a responsible manner and being irresponsible. However, he would always be remembered as the happy-go-lucky egg who enjoyed life to the fullest. As we grow old, we must try not to let our carelessness ruin our lives.

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FAQs on Introduction to Humpty Dumpty Story

1. How can we change ourselves to be more like Humpty Dumpty?

We just need to accept that we are all vulnerable, like Humpty Dumpty who fell from a wall. From this, we can also learn that there are instances when a second chance is not possible. Something may happen in our life which will cause us to fall from something big like a wall. We need to be aware of this and behave sensibly. Living life with a happy positive attitude will be more successful and worthwhile for us than being fearful, suspicious, worried, or giving in to destructive behaviour as he did.

2. Describe the characteristics of Humpty Dumpty in the story.

Humpty Dumpty short story is a fictional story with an ironic twist at the end. Popular culture has made use of this figure in many humorous stories, from Lewis Carroll's "Humpty Dumpty" to "The Fall of Humpty" by Allen Greenfield and Rick Goldschmidt. Humpty Dumpty, the main character of the story, is stubborn, vain, and foolish. His behaviour is clearly destructive with disastrous results in the end. He does not think about his actions before acting them out and thus faces consequences for the same.

3. What can we learn from this short story?

The Humpty Dumpty short story is based on "The Mere Inadequacy of Human Intelligence". This short story serves as a good reminder to be careful with our actions or actions that may have consequences for ourselves or others. The Humpty Dumpty short story also speaks about the unreliability of the so-called "authorities" or those in positions of power and responsibility. It also serves as a warning not to be naive or careless because what happens to others can befall us too.