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New Year Story in English for Kids

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Why is the New Year Story Important for Kids?

New years are a very special time for the kids. They celebrate the beginning of the new year with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Kids hope to receive a lot of toys and gifts. New year resolutions are also one of the ways to determine the goals of the new year.  In this article, we will try to provide a new year story for the kids in a simple and precise language that will help them in developing their creativity.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

New Year Story for Kids

On new year's eve, every kid is overjoyed and one of such kids was little Johnny who was thrilled. It was because he was going to the market with his father on new year's eve to buy various items that he liked. The market was bustling, and all of the businesses were decked up in various colours of light bulbs. 

Kid Receiving Gifts on New Year

Kid Receiving Gifts on New Year

As he was travelling and looking around in the market, at that moment, Johnny observed a shop with a large number of caged birds. They were constantly slamming their beaks against the cage in an attempt to escape. Many of them were dripping with blood.

Johnny felt sorry for the birds, he was moved by the plight of the birds. He went over to the store when he could no longer control himself. "Why have you captured these helpless birds?" he inquired.  He thought to himself that it is not right to limit someone's freedom.

"I don't like it," the shopkeeper responded, "but I don't have any other options." I also require funds in order to feed my family."

Listening to this, Johnny thought of an idea to buy the caged birds. Johnny turned to face his father, while he was searching for money in his pocket. "What about all those items you were planning to buy, Johnny?" Johnny’s father inquired. 

For a brief moment, Johnny was perplexed, but he had decided that the birds' liberation was more vital than any celebration. He took his father's hand in his and held it. "Dad," he explained, "I can have a good time with my friends on new year's eve, but these birds will have a greater time in the open sky."

The money was handed over by his father to the shopkeeper. "You can turn these birds free," he told him, "and you can join me at the shop starting tomorrow." I'll persuade the owner to hire you for a respectable position."

The shopkeeper was overjoyed and handed the cage to Johnny, who unbolted the cage door. All of the birds took to the air one by one. Johnny began to clap.

Kid Freeing the Bird From the Cage

Kid Freeing the Bird From the Cage

"Now, Dad, they'll be able to celebrate the new year with their families and friends." I'm grateful to you; there couldn't have been a greater new year's present," Johnny replied, relieved.

As he held him, his father remarked, "You deserved it, my dear."

The Moral of the Story 

The story teaches us about the importance of freedom. Also, the kid named Johnny displayed virtues like selflessness to kids who will read this story. The story is a perfect example of a short and fun tale imbibed with a moral message. 

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FAQs on New Year Story in English for Kids

1. What gift did Johnny receive on New Year’s eve?

Johnny received a cage full of birds on new year’s eve but he chose to set the birds free as he believed everyone must have freedom and enjoy their life.

2. Why did Johnny release the birds?

In the new year's story, the little kid named Johnny saw that birds were sad and hurt in the cage. He felt sad looking at these beautiful birds cooped in a small cage and hence decided to free them from the cages.