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The Magic Porridge Pot

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Introduction to the Porridge Story

The German fairy tale "Sweet Porridge," also known as "The Magic Porridge Pot" or “Porridge Story,” was written in the 19th century. It occurs in all future editions of the whole anthology and the second book of Children's and Household Tales, the Brothers Grimm's collection of German folktales, published in 1815. Other European and Asian nations' folklore contains analogous tales.

The Magic Porridge Pot

The Magic Porridge Pot

A poor child and her mother are the two primary characters in the story. A magical pot that makes porridge and stops making it when instructed to do so is given to the girl. When the mother of the girl forgets the phrases that tell the pot to stop making porridge, trouble happens.

The tale has often been modified for television shows.

The Story

Sweet Porridge

Sweet Porridge

Here is the Porridge Story. Melody lived with her mother. They were extremely poor, but Melody tried to cheer up her mother by singing to her in the morning and evening. Her mother remarked: "Melody! What would happen to me if your music weren't there? You see, it makes me happy." “Mother, I know," Melody said. "If only music could fill our stomachs. I'm starving." her mother started to sob. "Mother, don't cry. I'll search for food for the two of us."

Melody hummed one of her lovely tunes as she walked through the woods. The old witch rushed to meet her after hearing her singing. "Oh!" You scared me, Melody exclaimed. The good-natured witch apologised. "I just wanted to know who had such a beautiful voice," said the person. Melody bowed her head as her cheeks turned pink. "I appreciate that. I apologise if I disturbed you."

"Make a noise? Nonsense. I consider your voice to be a gift. How can I give you something for your singing? "Witch enquired. "Reward?" Melody enquired. The witch replied, "Yes, anything you'd like. 

If only you'd come back once more and sing for me." Melody explained to the witch about her poor mother and how they had no food at all. The witch pointed to a tiny black mark in the girl's palms and said, "Here." Use this!

"What good is an empty pot if there is no food to cook in it? I don't intend to be disrespectful, but..." The witch said, "It's magic." "Magic?" Melody came back. "Oh, yeah. Bring it inside, set it on the burner, and say, "Little pot, cook." You won't expect it to amaze you with how delicious the porridge is. Please try it. But make sure you return to sing for me tomorrow."

The young child, who was starving, questioned how the pot would know when to stop cooking. Oh, yes, exclaimed the witch. "I almost missed the most crucial portion,".

"Indeed! Say "Little pot, stop!" to tell the pot to cease cooking when you and your mother have had enough of the sweet porridge. Now, remember." Melody ran home while clinging stubbornly to the magical pot, promising, "I won't."

sweet porridge

Sweet Porridge

Melody and her mother consumed plenty of sweet porridge every day. The young girl kept her word every day and made the journey into the woodland to sing for the good witch. One day, while the sweet porridge was still cooking, Melody departed to meet the witch. She warned her mother not to forget the spell.

The pot is continuously cooked. Melody's mother told her to stop. But the pot continued to cook. As the oatmeal overflowed over the burner and onto the floor, she said, "Knock it off." Everything Melody's mother tried to say to get the pot to stop cooking didn't work. The cottage was soon filled with hot, sweet porridge.

The fragrant oatmeal poured through the windows and pushed its way through the entrance, flooding the streets. As the neighbours shouted and fled, it filled home after home. "Ow!" "Ouch!" They shouted out in disgust when the hot, sweet porridge scorched their flesh.

The village was coated with sweet porridge. Melody screamed, "Little pot, stop!" and it worked. The little girl had to eat her way back to the cottage. The magical words were never again forgotten by her mother.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that you should always finish what you start since you can never have too much of a good thing. Since they would never go hungry again because of the small pot, which makes porridge, it imparts humility and a lesson on greed.


The Magic Porridge Pot is a simple, funny tale that touches on young children's growing understanding. They are learning how to feel both the excitement of bringing home a magic pot that solves all their problems and the sadness of the little girl who had no berries to carry home. The girl is given a magic pot by a witch, which gets filled with cooked porridge. One day the girl Melody goes somewhere, and her mother instructs the pot to start cooking the porridge but forgets the magical words that make it stop. The whole house gets filled up with porridge then, when Melody comes, she has to call those magical words for the pot to stop cooking the porridge.

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FAQs on The Magic Porridge Pot

1. What were the secret phrases for starting and stopping the porridge maker?

One day in the woods, an old witch gave Tara a magic pot. "The pot will prepare porridge when you say 'Cook-Pot-Cook,' and stop making them when you say 'Stop-Pot-Stop,'" the witch instructed the little girl. Tara brought the pot home.

2. What did the elderly lady receive one day?

Tara received a magical pot from the elderly lady. Porridge was cooked in the magic pot. Do not chill the pot, Mother commanded. Due to Tara's mother's inability to intervene and stop the pot from cooking, there was a lot of porridge on the road. 

3. What caused so much porridge on the road?

Tara's mother didn't know how to stop the magic pot from cooking extra porridge. So that is why there was a lot of porridge on the road.

4. What's the idea of the Sweet Porridge Story?

A poor child and her mother are the two primary figures in the narrative. A magical pot that makes porridge and stops making it when instructed to do so is given to the girl. When the mother of the girl forgets the phrases that tell the pot to cease creating porridge, trouble occurs.