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King Bruce and Spider - Short Story for Kids

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An Introduction to King Bruce and Spider Story

King Bruice And Spider

King Bruice and Spider

A Short Inspirational Story on King Bruce and Spider

Once upon a time, there was a king in Scotland named Robert Bruce. He ruled Scotland when it was not part of England. The king of Scotland was brave and wise. One day, the king of England led his large army into Scotland and drove Robert Bruce out of Scotland. King Robert Bruce refused to give up his own country and gathered a small army group to bravely fight with the King of England.

His small army of brave men fought six times but lost the fight all six times.  After fighting every battle, the Scottish team was left with nothing except running to save their lives. The army was completely broken and all lost their hopes. 

In the end, the Scottish army was scattered and the King could do nothing but run and hide. He ran and hid in the woods and in the lonely places among the mountains. With no army left, the king was not getting what to do next. He was wandering alone in the garden, growing weaker and losing hopes day by day. 

One day, it suddenly started raining heavily. Looking for a shelter, King Bruce found an empty cave. He was very tired and sick at heart. He thought not to try anything again. All is lost. 

As the King lay on the cold ground thinking to give up, he suddenly saw a spider spinning her web in the cave. The spider was trying hard to spin her thread from one end of the cave to another. But, she kept falling as the thread was short and thin. King Bruce counted that the Spider tried six times to make her thread stick to the wall of the cave. but lost all every time. He felt extremely sad for the spider. 

But the strong spider did not lose hope even after failing six times. She finally succeeded in the seventh time. This time she tried to spin the thread from the other side of the cave. King Bruce was surprised by this. Watching this tiny creature trying, again and again, gave the King new hope and new strength. He cried and said, “If a little spider can bravely do it without losing hope, then I can also do it.”  With this, the King decided to raise his army once more.

When the rain stopped, he came out of the cave and said “ I shall try the seventh time”. 

King Bruce again gathered all his soldiers and marched to the battlefield. He told them all his plans and asked them to bring more men for his army from his country. The faithful soldiers followed the King and brought back strong men for his army. Soon, there was an army of brave Scottish men around the King. Another battle was fought between Scotland and England.

This time King Bruce of Scotland finally won the battle and got his kingdom back. 


In the story, King Bruice and Spider, we have seen how strongly the spider was trying to attain his success. Seeing the spider’s bravery, King Bruce also got encouraged to take one more step forward to get his lost kingdom back. With this story, we have learned that we should try, try, and try hard to achieve our dreams till we succeed.

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FAQs on King Bruce and Spider - Short Story for Kids

1. How did the spider in the story become an inspiration for King Bruce?

In this story, the spider did not lose hope and tried hard to get success. This became an inspiration for King Bruice as he learned that we should never give up.

2. How did the spider help King Bruce to save Scotland?

King Bruice fought with the English army six times, but he lost his kingdom. One day, when the King was ready to give up and was hiding in the cave, he saw how hard the spider is trying, again and again, to make her thread stick to the wall of the cave. She lost six times but still did not give up. This encouraged the King to fight once again with the English army to get his lost kingdom back. In the end, when King Brucie fought for the seventh time, he won the battle and saved Scotland.