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A Short Story on Luck for Kids

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An Interesting Luck Short Story

There are many stories about luck. But maximum incidents and stories belong to humans. Have you ever listened to a story on the luck of animals? How lucky is that animal?

Yes, you got it right. 

In this article, you are going to listen to a story on “Lucky Octopus”. This story is based on a luck short story about luck that changed the octopus’s life. How? To know this you have to read the whole story. So, are you ready and excited to know the story of the luckiest sea creature of that time, “The lucky Octopus”?

The Story

The Lucky Octopus

The octopus named Ollie had just seven legs.

On the day Ollie was delivered, the ocean doctor remarked, "The final one will grow."

But when?" questioned Ollie's mom. She was disappointed.

When Ollie reaches the age of eight, the doctor said.

Ollie's siblings and brothers made fun of her leg for seven years. She was the octopus's family's youngest member. Olivia, her sister, was the oldest.

Sad Ollie Due to only seven legs

Sad Ollie Due to Only Seven Legs

Olivia once explained to the other marine animals, "Ollie only has seven legs since she isn't a member of our actual family."

Olivia was the oldest, so everyone believed her even if it was a lie.

Ollie's brother Oscar stopped Ollie from participating in games of tag and hide and seek with the other sea animals.

Oscar replied, "You can't catch a fish with only seven legs. "Go find a friend to play with who has an extra leg."

Ollie looked all over the sea, but he could find no playthings of any type. She felt awfully alone.

Orlando, Ollie's brother, once saw her alone playing in the seaweed. He was overjoyed.

Ollie, guess what I found today," exclaimed Orlando. "a chest of treasure. It is from a ship and is loaded with magnificent diamonds."

Could I see it? Ollie queried. "Seeing a treasure box has long been a dream of mine."

I won't reveal it to anyone, I declare. Orlando spoke. “Especially not a little, seven-legged octopus.”

Ollie returned home and told her mother about her sadness. Because I only have seven legs, everyone treats me differently, she said.

Don't be alarmed, her mother encouraged. "You will eventually get another leg on your ninth birthday! You won't feel alone again after that."

Ollie had a dream that night about getting an additional leg. Everyone ate delicious dishes while celebrating. She was overjoyed. Ollie counted her legs the following morning, but there were still just seven.

Ollie cried while hiding in the seaweed patch. She was in tears. A sea fairy emerged out of nowhere. Ollie had never seen a creature so small.

The sea fairy said, "You are the fortunate octopus I have been waiting for."

"I am?" said Ollie.

"Yes. Only the most fortunate octopus is allowed to make three wishes."

Ollie was fully aware of his goals.

First of all, Ollie wished Olivia had been sincere.

"You get what you want. You now have two further wishes, "said the fairy.

Second, I wish Oscar had been nice.

He is now, the fairy added. What is your final wish?

Finally, Ollie added, "I wish Orlando was fair.

She told Ollie that she was the most kind-hearted octopus in the entire sea before the small sea fairy vanished. The sea fairy remarked, "I wish that all of your birthday dreams come true," and then she swam away.

Ollie's family was waiting for her when she arrived home. Surprise, they all at once exclaimed.

Oscar said, "I bought you a present. "What a lovely pearl necklace!"

Ollie said, "Thank you. "You are really thoughtful,"

Orlando offered you a lovely cake that he had cooked. "And I asked all the marine life to join us in it."

Ollie remarked, "You are extremely fair. "I appreciate your sharing."

Olivia apologised, "I don't have a present for you. I didn't realise it was your birthday," Ollie remarked. "Thank you; you are extremely honest."

Bringing a red birthday balloon for her daughter, Ollie's mother jumped over to her.

She exclaimed, "I'm very pleased for you, Ollie."

"Why Mom? "

Happy Ollie

Happy Ollie

Ollie's mother attached the balloon to her daughter's new leg and exclaimed, "Look, you've finally grown your eighth leg!"

It was the happiest day of Ollie's life.

Moral of the Story

“Be kind, be helpful to others”. This story gives the lesson of being generous and kind to others always and seeing the magic of goodness inside you. 


We discussed the story of a lucky octopus in this article, named Ollie. She had only seven legs whereas the octopus generally has eight legs. That's why everybody used to tease her. Her siblings did not want to play with her. She used to play alone. One day, she asked her mother about her eighth leg. When did she get her eighth leg? Her mother replied you will get it on your birthday. She was very excited on her birthday to get a new leg but she was disappointed when she didn’t get it. Then a fairy came and asked her to make three wishes. Ollie did not make wishes for her leg, instead she made wishes for her family. Fairy was impressed by her kindness and goodness. In this way, Ollie got her eighth leg too with her three wishes.

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FAQs on A Short Story on Luck for Kids

1. What type of creature is the main character in this story?

The main character of this story is a sea creature- an octopus. An octopus named Ollie who has only seven legs is the main focus of this story.

2. Why is Ollie different from the rest of her family?

Ollie is different from the rest of her family because she has got only seven legs since birth and everybody makes fun of it still she is a very generous and kind octopus.

3. What did Ollie's mother give her at the party?

Ollie’s mother gave her a beautiful red balloon to Ollie at the party when she got her new leg. Her mother attached that red balloon to her new leg and everybody was happy for Ollie.