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Once Upon A Time Stories for Kids

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Children are the ones who are most inclined to listen to stories on a regular basis. "Once upon a time," is a powerful word that most of us who tell stories use. We used to start the story with this term to get the kids more connected and interested. For storytellers, it's like a weapon. This phrase appears in a variety of stories.

Let us see two of them from this topic.

Stories on Once Upon A Time

The Man and The Little Cat

This is one of the best morals from a once upon a time short story for children. Once upon a time, there was a man who lived. This gentleman was not only kind, but also wise. He loved both animals and people.

He decided to go for a walk one day. The man thought, "Fresh air will help me reduce my stress." He preferred to stroll through the forest because there were few places to explore. He was fascinated by everything until he heard an odd noise followed by a cry.

The man quickly searched the area for its source. He eventually found it along the street. He inquired, "What is this?" He noticed a cat in a shallow hole. The cat tried but failed to claw its way out of the hole.

The Man and the Little Cat story

The Man and The Little Cat Story

"Even though the hole isn't very deep, you're too little to crawl out on your own." "Here, let me assist you," he said as he tried to pull the cat out of the hole. When the man tried to scratch the cat, the cat scratched his arm. He tried to reclaim the cat, but it attacked him and scratched him.

A different man happened to be walking by at the time. He asked the man, "Why do you help the cat?" "Just leave it alone." Why would you want to help that cat if it keeps scratching you?" The man continued to attempt despite this. Finally, the man was able to pull the cat out of the hole.

"We should not treat people as we please," he stated when he was through. It is in the cat's nature to scratch anything that appears to be a threat. That's something I can't and won't label ungratefulness. The poor cat was simply defending herself since it was unknown to me and was afraid."

Moral of The story

We should not treat people according to what they appear to be, we should first put ourselves in their shoes before jumping to a conclusion.

The Hare with Many Friends

This is one of the most amazing children's short stories. Once upon a time, in a forest, there lived a young hare. This beautiful hare enjoyed making new pals. And this hare has a lot of pals. In the jungle where she lived, she befriended a variety of beasts. Her buddies ranged in size from little to big muscular beasts. The hare used to think, "I have so many friends," and "I am so delighted there are so many people in this forest who like me."

The hare got increasingly proud of her many friends as time passed. The hare enjoyed having too many friends because she measured happiness by quantity rather than quality.

The Hare With Many Friends story

The Hare With Many Friends Story

Something terrible happened one day. In the forest, there was a pack of hounds hunting hares. The hare was terrified and in serious need of help, so she raced to her friends. She went straight to the horse. "Since you're quick and have a lot of room on your back, please transport me to a safe location." The horse, on the other hand, refused. He stated, "I have other essential work."

She then rushed to the buffalo. She pleaded, "Please assist me." "I would, but I already have plans." He went on to say that the goat might be of help. As a result, the hare ran over to the goat. "Please, you must assist me," she cried. "I am little and my back is weird," the goat explained. You could injure yourself."

The hare then ran over to the ram. "Will you help me?" she asked. He said, "I would want to decline." "You know, I don't like to meddle in other people's affairs. In case you didn't know, hounds have been known to eat sheep. So, ask for help another time." You might also enjoy The Hare's Liver.

Her final chance was the calf, but he, too, turned her down. "I'm not interested in taking on too many responsibilities." As a result, I am unable to help you. The hounds were approaching. "How should I proceed?" She bolted before she could think of anything else. She dashed away with all her strength! Luckily, she was able to run away, although she never made many friends after that. Her lesson had been learned.

Moral of The story

One with many friends has no real friends.


Beginning with picture books for the very young and progressing to more complex novels for teenagers, stories are an excellent way to introduce new words and ideas into a child's vocabulary. Shape, size, space, and colour, as well as up and down, inside and outside, numbers, and object names, can all be taught through stories. They can also educate children how to brush their teeth, care for animals, clean and tidy their surroundings, and prepare food.

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FAQs on Once Upon A Time Stories for Kids

1. Why are Stories Important for Children?

Children's growth and development are significantly helped by stories. They may make friends with the books that they read and the characters that they meet. It's also crucial for children to understand that books are a valuable source of information and that solid reading abilities are essential for future success. In addition, reading helps the self-esteem, emotional regulation, language acquisition, and learning of childrens.

2. How do stories help children?

Stories encourage a child's imagination by introducing new concepts such as imaginative worlds, other planets, various points in time, and invented characters into their environment. It will instill in the kids the belief that they can and should imagine whatever they want.

The beauty of stories is that they can be both incredibly realistic and otherworldly. They can be reading about children growing up in similar conditions to them one minute and then reading about another species, such as Martians vacationing on Jupiter, the next.