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A Snail Story for Little Kids

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The Adventure of a Tiny Snail from the Garden to a Salad Bowl

Have you ever watched a snail crawl in your garden or lawn? It moves very slowly, isn’t it? That’s because snails are one of the slowest creatures in the world. It carries its home or shell along with it so that other animals can’t harm it. Have you ever wondered why are snails mostly found in gardens, lawns, and plants? Snails love eating leaves, fruits, and vegetables, but people who love to grow plants do like snails because they tend to destroy their precious plants. Hence, they drive snails away from their gardens. Let’s read a snail story about a snail who adventured from the garden to the gardener’s salad bowl. 

Tiny – a Fun Snail Story for Kids

Tiny sitting among fruits and vegetables

Tiny sitting among fruits and vegetables

Mr Big G had a beautiful garden. He took care of each plant in the garden and worked hard to grow fresh green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, and pumpkins. Soon the garden got infested with snails that came to enjoy the yummy garden produce. Fed up with the snails, Mr Big G decided to do something about the problem.

One fine morning, Mr Big G wore his pair of gloves, took a magnifying glass and a bucket, and marched towards his garden. He looked around for the snails and carefully picked each of them, making sure that none of them were hurt. He then said, “Off you go to the wild! And never come back again to my garden.” With these words, Mr Big G took the bucket and dumped them outside his gates. He then put a signboard on the wall bordering his garden, reading, “SNAILS PROHIBITED”. A small snail named Tiny was the only one that escaped from being picked up by Mr Big G. Due to his small size, Tiny was able to curl up and hide in a bunch of spinach leaves. 

Mr Big G picking the snails and putting them in a bucket

Mr Big G picking the snails and putting them in a bucket

Tiny continued to live in the garden all by himself. Although he was sad for his friends and missed them a lot, he was glad he could enjoy the yummy vegetables, leaves, and fruits of the garden. He munched the tasty strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, and spinach and kept growing bigger. But, his happiness was short-lived. On a pleasant afternoon, Mr Big G decided to cook some spinach soup and salad for his family at dinner. He went to his garden with a basket and started collecting all the ingredients he would need. This time Tiny too got picked with the vegetables, though he managed to hide himself among the spinach leaves.

Mr Big G took the basket straight to his kitchen. He washed them thoroughly while Tiny kept hopping from one vegetable to another. He got a shower of the water too, but he did not enjoy it at all and was very upset. He kept hoping that he would soon escape the house and return to the garden. Mr Big G started the preparations for dinner by chopping the vegetables for the salad. Next, he took to the spinach and set the water to boil for soup. Tiny thought to himself, “No, I’m not becoming soup today. I’ll have to get out of this situation.” He jumped from the spinach leaves to the salad bowl and just then Mr Big G took the salad bowl and placed it on the dining table. 

Mr Big G’s kids find Tiny in the salad bowl

Mr Big G’s kids find Tiny in the salad bowl

Mr Big G’s kids came rushing to the table as soon as the dishes were laid out. They were about to insert their fork into the salad bowl and start eating when one of them suddenly shouted, “Hey look! There’s a snail in the salad.” Mr B Gig instructed his kids to take the snail and drop it outside the gates in the wild where the others were. Finally, Tiny was saved from being eaten up. He was sad that he would no longer be able to enjoy Mr Big G’s garden but the thought of reuniting with his friends made him happy. His friends came rushing to him and took him to their new home among the wild plants and shrubs. 


So this was Tiny’s adventure from Mr Big G’s garden to the salad bowl of his kids. He was pretty clever to escape Mr Big G the first time when all other snails were thrown out. He also managed to save himself from being eaten up at the dinner through his cleverness. We hope you enjoyed reading this snail story. If you would like to read more of such amazing animal stories do check out our website. 

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FAQs on A Snail Story for Little Kids

1. How did Tiny escape Mr Big G when he picked the other snails and dumped them?

When Mr Big G became fed up with the snails infesting and destroying his plants in the garden, he decided to keep them away from his garden. He carefully picked each one of them in a bucket and threw them in the wild outside his place. Tiny was a very small snail and because of his small size, he was able to hide in a bunch of spinach leaves. In this way, Tiny escaped being picked by Mr Big G.

2. Who discovered Tiny in the salad bowl? What did they do with him?

When Mr Big G laid out the salad bowl for his family dinner, his kids came rushing. They were about to start eating the salad from the bowl when one of them noticed Tiny among the vegetables.

On their father’s instructions, the kids took Tiny out of the gates and left him to be with his other friends among the wild plants and shrubs.