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Spotty Finds the Lost Laugh!

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Short Animal Stories for Kids in English ‒ Spotty Finds The Lost Laugh

Do you know which animal is known for its laugh? Any guesses? That’s right! It is the hyena. The spotted hyena is known for its cackles and giggles. It’s a funny sound that the animal makes which seems like a laugh. Interesting, isn’t it? But have you heard about Spotty the hyena that lost its laugh? And no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find it anywhere. Spotty was very sad. He wanted to laugh again and be happy. Come, let’s read a story about Spotty and see what happens. 

The Story

Spotty the hyena is laughing

Spotty the hyena is laughing

Once upon a time, there lived a hyena in a jungle. His name was Spotty. Spotty enjoyed laughing and making jokes to make others laugh too. However, one fine day, Spotty was sitting under a tree all sad and gloomy. When the other animals inquired about Spotty’s sadness, he said, “I cannot find my laugh. I seem to have lost it.” They advised Spotty to search around for his laugh. Spotty searched far and wide but to no avail. 

Giraffe searches for Spotty’s laugh


Giraffe searches for Spotty’s laugh

He then came across Giraffe. Spotty thought “Maybe my laugh is in the air above. Let me ask Giraffe if he can find it.” Sadly, when Spotty asked Giraffe, he said he could not hear any laugh above in the air, so his laugh was not up there. Spotty walked and walked and reached the river. He looked around and spotted Hippo relaxing in the river water. Spotty called out to Hippo, “Hi, Hippo! I was wondering if you could please find my laugh.” Hippo took a dip and looked around. He raised his head and said that he could not hear his laugh down in the river. Disappointed, Spotty walked further on.

Hippo searches for Spotty’s laugh


Hippo searches for Spotty’s laugh

Spotty then found Warthog digging deep into the ground and eating a yummy root. Spotty asked Warthog, “Hello, Warthog! Will you do me a favour?” Spotty explained that he had lost his laugh and couldn’t find it anywhere. Warthog agreed to help Spotty and dug around, here and there. But unfortunately, he too could not find Spotty’s laugh. Spotty was about to give up when he came across Monkey. 

Spotty speaking to Monkey for help

Spotty speaking to Monkey for help

Monkey asked, “What happened Spotty? Why do you look sad?” Spotty told Monkey the entire story. After listening to Spotty, Monkey said, “Hmm…I see! So how did you lose it in the first place?’” Spotty thought for a moment and answered that every time he laughed, his sharp teeth would show and that would scare the other animals. They would run away from Spotty out of fear. This made Spotty sad and thus his laugh vanished. Monkey scratched his head and said, “I know how to find your laugh back.” The monkey climbed up a tree to a bird’s nest. He picked a feather and jumped back to Spotty. He then started tickling Spotty with the feather and Spotty fell on the ground laughing and rolling. Spotty said, “Stop..stop...I can’t control myself any longer. My stomach hurts…hahaha.” 

Seeing Spotty laugh so hard, all the other animals started laughing too. They asked Monkey, “Where did you get Spotty’s laugh? We searched too but couldn’t find it.” Monkey replied, “It was easy! Spotty’s laugh was always within him. Our happiness is always within us. It is up to us to find it.” Spotty was very happy and thanked Monkey. He promised to never lose his laugh or let anyone else make him sad. 


So you see kids! Spotty the happy hyena finally found his laugh. And where did he find it? Yes, that’s right! He found it within himself because it was inside him all this while. This also applies to us. Our happiness is always inside us and if we search for our reason for laughter in our minds and hearts, we are sure to find it. Strength, happiness, and peace are all within our inner self and can always be found when searched thoroughly. So always help your friends like Giraffe, Hippo, Warthog, and Monkey did and make everyone happy with your good deeds. You should never hurt or harm others. It is important to behave well and practise good manners. 

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FAQs on Spotty Finds the Lost Laugh!

1. Who were the animals that searched for Spotty’s laugh but could not find it?

Giraffe, Hippo, and Warthog were the animals that searched for the lost laugh of Spotty but could not find it. Giraffe searched for it above in the air but he couldn’t hear it. Hippo searched for Spotty’s laugh in the river but he too couldn’t hear any. Warthog dug up the ground around him when Spotty asked for his help but he too failed.

2. How did Monkey find the lost laugh of Spotty?

When Spotty approached Monkey to help him find his lost laugh, Monkey asked him how he lost it. Spotty told Monkey that when he laughed, his sharp teeth scared the other animals away, which made him sad and his laugh eventually disappeared. Monkey then picked a feather from the bird’s nest and tickled Spotty, who started laughing so hard that he fell to the ground and kept rolling around. In this way, Monkey found Spotty’s lost laugh.