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Interesting Short Stories for Kids with Moral Lessons

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Best Short Stories for Kids in English

Short stories teach kids lessons in a way that makes them more relatable and interesting. Rather than telling them not to lie, tell them a short story in English about what happens if they lie; it helps them become more conscious of their actions and the results of those actions. These stories' moral lessons also help influence their character and moral conscience as they grow older.

Reading these small stories is the right way to teach them life lessons in a way that they will understand. Every parent must encourage kids to read simple short story in English as it is one of the most accessible forms of education. Read the entire article to know more about these amazing stories for free.

Here is a compilation of the best short stories for kids. Read these small moral stories in English for kids for free.

Amazing Short Stories for Kids in English

  • A Mouse Maiden short story in English

  • French short stories with English translation

  • 5 lines short stories

  • Short stories on trees

  • Short story on loyalty

  • The emperor's new clothes short story

  • Short story on peace

  • Short stories for 10 year olds

  • Very short story about fish

  • Short story on flowers

  • My dream short story

  • Friendship short story

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears short story

  • Three billy goats gruff short story

  • Short stories on truth for children

  • Funny dream short stories

  • Beauty and the Beast short story

  • Myth short story in English

  • Short story on rainbow

  • Short story on save water save life

  • Short story about finding treasure

  • Short story of dog

  • Unity is Strength short story

  • Short story about friendship with moral

  • Short story on birds with moral

  • Easter short story in English

  • King Bruce and the Spider short story with moral

  • Gingerbread man short story

  • Short stories about animals in the jungle

  • Orpheus and Eurydice short story

  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves short story

  • Love and Time short story moral lesson

  • Mulan short story

  • April Fools Day short story

  • The Elves and the Shoemaker short story with pictures

Short Stories with Morals

1. A Mouse Maiden Short Story in English

This is an easy small story in English. The moral of this story is no matter how great one becomes, one should never forget one's roots. Just like the mouse girl who despite being transformed into a human girl, refused to marry the great forces of nature and finally settled for a mouse, a creature who belonged to her roots.

2. My Dream: A Short Story

This small story allows children's minds to wander. Then they are free to think the tale in their minds the way they wish. It can even help kids to be more creative and make them open to new ideas.

3. Beauty and The Beast 

The moral of “The Beauty and the Beast” is that inner trait, such as kindness should be valued over outside qualities such as wit and appearance. This moral is taught by showing how Beauty admired the Beast's intrinsic qualities and fell in love with him despite his external characteristics.

4. King Bruce and Spider Short Story

In the story, King Bruice and Spider, we saw how strongly the spider was trying to attain his success. Seeing the spider’s bravery, King Bruce also got encouraged to take one more step forward to get his lost kingdom back. With this story, we have learned that we should try, try, and try hard to achieve our dreams till we succeed.

5. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

This is an amazing short story to read in English. The moral lesson to be learnt here is that we should never bow down to greed. Greed should never be allowed to rule our lives. At some point during the novel, every one of the characters feels guilty about being selfish.

Benefits of Reading Short Stories   

Stories with moral lessons make your kids happy. They enjoy any short narrative story, as they excite them. Find some of the advantages of reading small moral stories in English from below:

  1. Reading stories for kids stimulates brain development and imagination.

  2. Any short English story helps in the development of language. So, add short story books in the library for your kids today.

  3. Short stories help in strengthening relationships.

  4. Right values can be taught to kids with moral lessons from the stories.

  5. Take any simple short story in English, which revolves around solving a problem. So, kids will have problem-solving skills by reading these interesting short stories.

  6. These very short stories develop the creativity of your kids. 

  7. Short stories are a great way to teach the children the moral lessons of life. 

  8. Parents can have a strong bond with their kids by reading stories to their kids.


Short stories are commonly used by parents to teach important moral lessons to their kids. It not only engages them but also enlightens them about life. These stories will captivate your kids and improve their creativity.

Find online storybooks today for your kids or you can find amazing short stories on Vedantu for free.

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FAQs on Interesting Short Stories for Kids with Moral Lessons

1. What is a fable?

It is a genre of literature. It is a short fictional story in prose or verse that features animals, legendary creatures, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature. 

2. What are some of the short stories for kids?

Some short stories are given below:

  • Short story on Loyalty

  • Short story on peace

  • Short story on Flowers

  • Short story on Rainbow

  • Short story about finding a Treasure

3. Are these stories available completely for free?

All these stories are available in Vedantu completely with engaging illustrations for free. You can read them anytime by visiting the respective stories in the above section on its official website.

4. What is the best time to read short stories for kids?

The best time to read short stories to kids is when their minds are relaxed and ready to grasp the morals of these short stories. So, you can read to them when tucking them into their beds. It will also help them sleep faster. 

5. What is the importance of these short stories?

Like long stories, short stories are also a very important part of learning and growing up for children. In fact, short stories are short in nature and therefore are easy to learn and understand. The authors of the short stories can get to the moral in a very short span of time and with a concise description. Kids can learn many moral lessons by learning these short stories.