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10 Lines of Short Stories With Moral for Kids

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An Introduction to Kids Story

Hello, champs! In this article, we will see 10 lines of short stories with moral lessons. These top 10 very short story in English not only will inspire you but also show you Unity, Kindness, Respect, and Responsibility.

Short moral stories in English for kids teach the children life lessons in the easiest and most unique way. Short stories help children in gaining moral values. This will surely give you a new learning experience. Apart from bookish knowledge, reading interesting moral stories for kids like those given here will help improve kids' vocabulary and writing skills.

Short Story for Kids

Short Story for Kids

Assuming you're a parent, you should also read these short story in English so you can tell one of these stories to your kids. Your children will learn something by listening to these stories. So, without wasting time, let’s start our moral stories in English.

1. The Talking Birds
The Talking Birds

The Talking Birds

Quite a long time ago, there lived two talking birds with their parents. One day when their parents were away, a villager who generally had an eye on those special birds caught them and took them away. One of the birds got away from the trap and looked for his parents. The bird, at last, arrived at a hermitage where it was welcomed and had some food. He lived joyfully.

An explorer once ran over the other bird that the villager caught. He talked very rudely to him. He was shocked to see a talking bird but at the same time was angry with his way of behaving. The explorer visited the hermitage and recognised a similar talking bird, yet this bird talked respectfully and welcomed him to remain there.

Moral of the Story

Staying in a good company gives us a good way of behaving. Bad company influences our way of behaving negatively.

2. The Hare and the Tortoise

The Hare and the Tortoise

The Hare and the Tortoise 

One day, a hare was showing off how fast he could run. He laughed at the turtle for being so slow. After seeing the overconfidence, the turtle moved him to a race. The hare (rabbit) laughed at the turtle's test, and he accepted his demand.

As the race began, the rabbit ran extremely quickly and went far ahead of the turtle and got drained. He thought there was a lot of time to relax as the turtle was far away. Soon he slept, thinking he would win the race easily.

However, the turtle(tortoise) kept walking slowly until he arrived at the finish line. The rabbit sees the turtle on the opposite side of the finish line. The turtle had won the race.

Moral of the Story 

Slow and consistent wins the race.

3. A Little Help From God
Man Seeking Help

Man Seeking Help

After a shipwreck, a man who was the last standing figured out how to arrive at the shore. He asked God for help. After waiting too long for God to answer his requests, he built himself a hut for his protection with destroyed bits of a shipwreck.

Every day he invested a lot of energy searching for food and looking at the skyline for God's help. One day, when he returned from his food search, he found his little hut burnt to ashes. Losing all hope, he felt helpless and shouted out of anger, "Why God? Why do you never answer my prayers?"

After a couple of hours, a boat arrived at the shore for his rescue. The man asked the captain of the ship, "How could you track me down?" The Captain of the ship answered, "We saw your smoke signal for help."

The man's faith in God's will was re-established.

Moral of Story

Don't lose faith since bad things are occurring to you. God has his own particular manner of working.

4. The Elephant and the Ants

The Elephant and the Ant

The Elephant and the Ant

There was once a pleased elephant who generally harassed smaller animals. He would go to the ant colony and shower water on the ants. The ants, with their size, could just cry. The elephant laughed and threatened the ants that he would kill them.

The ants had enough and chose to show the elephant a lesson.

They went straight into the elephant's trunk and started messing with him. The elephant started crying in pain. He understood his mistake and apologised to the ants and every one of the animals he had harassed.

Moral of Story 

Be humble and treat everybody with respect. If you think you are stronger than

others, then use your solidarity to safeguard them instead of hurting them.


It's always a good idea to teach your kids moral values for kids through stories. They'll be able to relate to the characters and learn valuable lessons that they can apply in their own lives. We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 lines of short stories with morals for kids. Do you have any favourite moral stories to share with your children? Let us know in the comments below!

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FAQs on 10 Lines of Short Stories With Moral for Kids

1. How was a small ant capable of defeating a big elephant?

In the story of the elephant and ants, ants entered the elephant's trunk and created a mess inside the trunk. The elephant got hurt from this as this was a sensitive spot where the ant hurt him. Ants may be tiny, but they can bring giant elephants down to their knees, according to the story we read in this article. Thus, whenever elephants get a whiff of these bothersome ants, they simply stay away.

2.  What sort of character is the hare in the rabbit and tortoise story?

The rabbit in the Hare and Tortoise story can be seen as an arrogant animal that ends up challenging the tortoise to a race and claiming no other animal has any time in life to defeat him. While in a specific version of the story, the tortoise challenges the hare because of his arrogant nature, the two cases show that the hare believes he'll undoubtedly win the race. There's no possible way in his mind that he could lose at any point, particularly to a slow turtle.

3. What value do you learn from the stories of “Elephants and Ants'' and “A Little Help from God”?

The story of Elephants and Ants teaches us one of the great values for kids your physical appearance can never cause you any hindrance until and unless you can bring the best out of it.

The story of a Little Help from God teaches us the value of not losing faith in god in bad times. Bad times will go with time, patience and trust.