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2 Simple Stories for 1-Year-Olds

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Stories for 1-Year-Olds to Enjoy at Bedtime

If your 1-year-old toddler loves listening to stories, we have brought 2 simple and easy tales for you to narrate to them at bedtime. These stories will not only make bedtime exciting for them but also help enhance their speaking and listening skills. It will introduce new words to them and expand their attention span. These stories for 1-year-olds have been supplemented with pictures to make storytime engaging and fun.

Jimmy and Friends Love Gardening

Jimmy the cat dreamt of a beautiful garden last night. He woke up and called his friends home. Jimmy said, “I have decided to start gardening. Will you help me?” All of his friends agreed to help Jimmy. Bobby the dog asked, “But what will you plant?” Jimmy thought about it for some time and decided to plant broccoli seeds. He said, “We can all have broccolis once they grow!” 

Jimmy the cat is watering his broccoli garden

Jimmy the cat is watering his broccoli garden

Spivy the smart spider asked Jimmy if the creepy-crawly worms had been invited to his garden because they make the soil healthy for plants. Jimmy did not know anything about it. So, Pappy the parrot stepped in and said, “I’ll help you. I will call the worms and request them to make your soil healthy too.” Jimmy thanked Pappy for his help. 

Jimmy and friends enjoy eating broccoli

Jimmy and friends enjoy eating broccoli

All of them worked very hard to grow the broccoli. Jimmy watered his garden, Bobby uprooted the weeds, Spivy gobbled the flies, and Pappy drove the caterpillars out of the garden. Finally, the broccolis were ready and Jimmy shared them with his friends. All of them had a grand broccoli feast.

Baby Chicks’ Easter Gift to Their Mama

It was springtime and the farm was full of bright colourful flowers, green trees, and yellow crops. The air smelled amazing. Easter was approaching and everyone was preparing for Easter. Mama Hen decided to take out her favourite blue hat and decorate it. She was looking forward to wearing her favourite blue hat on Easter. But it was covered in dust. Although Mama Hen cleaned the hat, it didn’t look as pretty as she thought it would. Mama Hen was sad. 

Baby Chicks look for items to decorate Mama Hen’s hat

Baby Chicks look for items to decorate Mama Hen’s hat

Baby Chicks decided to make Mama Hen’s hat beautiful and ready for Easter. They scurried into the nearby farm and garden to look for the best items to decorate Mama Hen’s hat. Baby Chicks found some beautiful green leaves. “Can we use the leaves?” The others replied, “No, it’s boring!” A butterfly then came flying to them. “What about a butterfly?” “But it will fly away from the hat”, replied one of them. They walked and walked and came across some feathers, “A feather can work, can't it?” asked a Baby Chick. Another one said, “Yes, but let’s look for something more colourful.” 

Mama Hen wearing her pretty hat along with Baby Chicks

Mama Hen wearing her pretty hat along with Baby Chicks

Baby Chicks arrived at the yellow cornfield and thought about using them for hat decoration. However, they pecked at the corn kernels and ate up all of them. They then entered the garden and found some beautiful flowers. The flowers were colourful and smelled amazing. “Let’s take these! The flowers are the prettiest. We can decorate Mama Hen’s hat with these flowers.” Baby Chicks returned to the barnyard and decorated Mama Hen’s hat with the flowers. They then presented it to Mama Hen. She was so happy to see the pretty hat and felt proud of her babies. She happily wore it for Easter. 


These stories for 1-year-olds are bound to power the imaginations of your little ones. It will also strengthen your bonding with your child. Reading bedtime stories to your toddler is a great way to foster their imagination and build word power when they grow. The practice will also encourage your child to pronounce words as they grow up listening to you uttering them. For more stories for 1-year-olds, you can check out our website.

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FAQs on 2 Simple Stories for 1-Year-Olds

1. Name the friends of Jimmy who helped him in gardening.

The friends of Jimmy the cat were Bobby the dog, Spivy the spider, and Pappy the parrot. Jimmy’s friends helped him in gardening and later Jimmy shared the broccoli with them in a grand feast.

2. What items did the Baby Chicks come across before finalising the flowers for Mama Hen’s hat?

Before finalising the colourful and good-smelling flowers to decorate Mama Hen’s favourite blue hat for Easter, Baby Chicks came upon several items for decoration. These include green leaves, a butterfly, feathers, and yellow corn kernels.