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The Story of Abraham and Sarah for Kids

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The Journey of Abraham and Sarah in Unknown Lands

Almost everyone is familiar with the tale of the sacrifice of Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sara. But the tale of Abraham and Sarah is an equally important and fascinating tale. The origins of the story are rooted in the Bible. The story entails the devotion of the couple to God. The couple was asked to move to a faraway land by God. 

Read the story to learn about their journey. The article presents the story of Abraham and Sarah before being blessed with a son. Let us look into the story and learn about the importance of devotion to God. 

The Tale of Abraham and Sara

Abraham and Sarah were a devoted couple who lived happily in their small home. Their only wish was to have a child. One day God appeared and asked the couple to prepare for a journey.

God encourages Abraham to leave his homeland and travel to a location he would show him, promising to bless him, make his name great, and bless those who bless him. Abraham followed God's call and travelled to Canaan with his wife Sarah, and the wealth they had amassed.

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Abraham and Sara

They settled down in the new town, and as the years passed by they grew comfortable in the town, but they still did not have a child. They often thought about the promise made by God.

God came to Abraham once more a few years later, when he became old enough to be a grandfather. 

"You shall certainly have a baby, a boy," he told Abraham. Abraham burst out laughing and refused to believe what God had said. Nonetheless, he preserved his belief.

Three men came to see Abraham and Sarah shortly afterwards God chose Abraham and said he would certainly have a son.

Because Sarah was unable to come to the door on the day, Abraham greeted them and invited them to take a seat. Abraham then requested if he could get everyone any food.

Abraham's offer was accepted by the guests. As a result, Abraham served bread and milk to the guests. The guests then mentioned something astonishing. "We'll pay you another visit next year," one of them stated. "By then, you'll have a son."

The three of them walked away after saying so. Sarah, who had been eavesdropping from behind the closed door, was overjoyed.

After the three guests had left, Sarah and Abraham recognised that the gentleman who had promised them they'd have a son was none other than God almighty. 

Abraham and Sarah with their Son

Abraham and Sarah with their Son

Abraham and Sarah had a newborn boy a year later. He was named Isaac. Abraham and Sarah remembered to express their gratitude to God.

Moral of the Story

The story teaches us an important lesson that we must trust in God's plan. The story is also a good example to help kids understand the importance of patience. As in the story, Abraham and Sarah did not lose their faith in all those years and maintained their faith in God. 

Conclusion of the Story

In conclusion of the article, we can say that Abraham and Sarah were a devoted couple. A story like the one mentioned in the article is a great way to introduce kids to Biblical tales in simple and precise language.

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FAQs on The Story of Abraham and Sarah for Kids

1. Who was Isaac?

Isaac was the child of Abraham and Sarah. He was a blessed baby, as he was born because of God’s blessing to the couple. Abraham and Sarah had Isaac when they were old. The old couple retained their faith and thanked God for blessing them with a beautiful baby boy.

2. Why did Abraham and Sarah leave their homeland?

Abraham and Sarah left their home because they commanded them to do so. The couple were devoted people, when God asked them to travel to faraway nations, they happily obliged. Looking at their devotion God promised to give them a child.