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The Peacock and Sparrow Story for Kids

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Introduction to Peacock and Sparrow

Stories are integral parts of our childhood memories, we all love and reminisce about the time we spent reading or hearing stories. Children's development and growth are tremendously aided by storytelling.

It's also critical for children to understand that books are an excellent source of information. Literature, particularly stories of magic and adventure, is one of the most captivating forms of entertainment. The beauty of narrative is that it can be both immensely realistic and fantastical.

One such story is the peacock and sparrow story. The story entails the struggles and the lesson learnt by the sparrow. The sparrow story is a fascinating tale of two birds, which teaches kids an important moral lesson.

Let us read this interesting story to know what happened to the sparrow!.

Sparrow Story: The Sparrow and the Peacock

Once upon a time, there was a sparrow that lived in a forest. This sparrow would now visit the king of the birds every day. This sparrow was always the first to leave and the last to return. Then, one day, a small flock of birds gathered on a certain peak. One of the assembly's birds said they needed a new king.  "There are quite a few of us. And we're all different, and only a king can bring us all together," one of the birds explained. As a result, the sparrow proceeded to offer his advice.

All the birds discussed together and announced that the king would be a peacock. In the discussion, the smart sparrow played a crucial role. That sparrow used to come every day since the peacock was now the king. After the other birds agreed and the peacock was named king, the peacock appointed the sparrow as secretary and the Wazir. He started providing the peacock with food and drink. The sparrow then failed to appear at the scheduled hour one day. The peacock was concerned about this. When the sparrow came, the peacock inquired as to where he had gone.

The peacock was informed that the sparrow had been startled. "I noticed a man near my house today while I was leaving my house. He was rigging nets and scattering grains. As a result, I stood and watched. The crane and his wife then proceeded to pick up the grains after a time. Then they were unexpectedly ensnared in the net. The hunter whisked them away to his house as they began to weep. I'm terrified. I'm not going to remain there any longer," the sparrow declared.

The peacock, on the other hand, assured the sparrow that everything was in his hands and that he should not leave his house for such a trivial problem. The sparrow trusted the peacock and went back to his home. But, ever since that day, the sparrow has taken extra precautions whenever he leaves the house. One day, when the sparrow was on his way to the peacock's residence, he came across two sparrows fighting. The sparrow couldn't tolerate it any longer when they fought, so he went to make amends with the other two sparrows. However, as soon as the sparrow walked between the other two, a net was thrown at them. They were also entrapped.

When the hunter picked them up, he urged his assistant to pay special attention to the peacock's Wazir, a sparrow, and said "He's the heaviest bird I've ever seen!" The poor bird realised he was doomed. "What an idiot I was to trust the peacock. The peacock lulled me into a false sense of security and now look at the disaster I've created. I should have left my residence with more caution. I can't say that I blame the peacock. After all, precautions do not always imply safety. No one can escape fate.", the sparrow said in the end.

The Sparrow and the Peacock

The Peacock and Sparrow


The peacock was chosen as their monarch, and the peacock appointed the sparrow as his secretary. Instead of waiting for the monarch, the sparrow began caring about the king's other important matters. Sparrow took care of himself and delivered the food to his monarch, who ate everything he wanted, drank the water, and then dismissed the sparrow. The peacock motivated the sparrow to do anything, and the sparrow believed he shouldn't blame the peacock since even if he takes precautions, he can't avoid fate.

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FAQs on The Peacock and Sparrow Story for Kids

1. Who was the new king?

Peacock was the new king. The peacock was assigned as the new king after a council meeting in which all the birds agreed to name the peacock their kings. The peacock, impressed by the nature and behaviour of the sparrow, appointed him as his Wazir.

2. Who proceeded to pick up the grains and what happened to them?

The crane and his wife proceeded to pick up the grains. As the cranes were picking up the grains, a net fell on them and they were forcefully trapped in the net. It was later discovered that it was indeed the net of the villagers living nearby who were hunting birds.