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The Story of the Griffin

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The story of the griffin teaches the children an important lesson to always be kind and good. Children should always have a kind heart.

  • Teach the importance of being kind.

  • Teach the importance of being helpful.

  • Teach the children the importance of following family traditions.

Quick Introduction to the Story of the Griffin

The story of the griffin revolves around a Knight and the Griffin. The Knight is powerful but is good at heart. When the knight sees that Griffin is wounded, he helps him to recover. The kids can read the griffin mythology origin and the story of the griffin summary available online for free.

The Story Of The Griffin For Kids In English 

Once a year, Frank along with his family used to travel to San Francisco. They used to visit a house where a man named Rupert along with his wife Elaine lived.

This had been done by the family even before Frank was born. Frank loved visiting Rupert and Elaine. He used to enjoy being there.

After visiting them for the first time, Frank couldn't wait to visit them again. He told his dad and mom that he enjoyed it there.

When the family arrived, Rupert sat and rocked back in his chair. Frank ran at full speed to see where Rupert was. He saw Rupert when he went to the porch. He walked slowly and also hugged Rupert.

He greeted Elaine also. She patted his head. She did this every time and Frank used to feel gentle.

Elaine asked Frank how old he was. Frank told Elaine that he was ten. Their parents of Frank came to the house and greeted them.

One of the most important things that made Frank excited to see Rupert was that he always narrated a story to Frank. Frank used to love hearing Rupert's story.

There was something special about sitting down and hearing Rupert's story.

Frank went outside and saw Rupert admiring the view of his neighbourhood.

Rupert asked, "Are you ready?". Frank was ready and he smiled. He grabbed the stool near Rupert. Rupert also tilted his chair so that Frank could see his face while he was narrating the story.

Frank was eagerly waiting for him to start the story.

Rupert took a deep breath and started narrating the story.

"Once upon a time, there lived a powerful knight. He was a brave warrior in Magon. He had been a part of various battles and had emerged victorious in all of them. The kingdom was peaceful for many years.

The peace of the kingdom was threatened one day. The people of the kingdom were worried because they had heard a village had been attacked by the Griffin.

The king ordered the knights to find the Griffin and kill it. The knight started finding the Griffin and followed the orders of the king.

The knight also knew killing the Griffin would bring honour to his family. He travelled into the mountains. He had heard from a man that griffins are generally hidden within the mountains. He travelled night and day. He slept on the ground. The wind would make him shiver sometimes.

The knight would hear strange noises. He used to tighten the grip on his sword. He stopped by a small village on the way. The people of the village offered him food and shelter. He asked the villagers if they had been terrorized by the Griffin.

The villagers told him that their village was peaceful. They hadn't been terrorized by the Griffin but they heard noises coming from the mountains. No person was brave enough to find out the reason behind the strange noise. They believed that monsters were staying in the mountains.

After hearing the villagers, the knight was eager to visit the mountains. He rested and ate a lot that night. The next morning he thanked the villagers and bid them goodbye. He started his joining towards the mountain hoping to find Griffin".

Their story was interrupted by Elaine who brought some cookies and juice for Frank and also a cup of coffee for her husband.

Frank took a bite of the cookies and they were so tasty that he wished that he could eat them for the rest of his life.

Rupert took a sip of coffee and continued the story.

"The knight walked through the mountains. He walked through the trees carefully. He listened to the noise that he heard. He kept his hand tightly on the sword and was always ready to unsheathe it whenever the need would arise.

He stopped when he saw a cave. He heard some strange noises inside. He knew that the Griffin was there inside.

The Griffin was inside the cave and when he saw the knight, the Griffin moved toward him. The knight swung the sword but the Griffin managed to avoid the blade. The Griffin stood on its legs and the wings of the Griffin were spread out. The griffin tried to pierce the armour of the knight which was made by the best blacksmith.

The Griffin was very powerful. He could have avoided the claws with the armour but the strength of the blow broke him. He stepped backwards. He was breathing very heavily.

The Griffin came towards the knight again. The knight waited for the right moment to swing the sword. Once the Griffin was near him, the knight swung his sword.

Griffin dodged but the knight cut his arm. The cut on the arm was deep. The griffin fell. The knight heard another sound from the cave and stopped.

The knight turned towards the noise. He thought that there might be another Griffin. He was astonished to see that the noise was coming from younglings. One of the younglings ran to the side of the griffin. Griffin was in pain. Griffin was trying to protect his younglings just like a parent who protects his child.

The knight left the cave and came back the next day. He had three boars and some medicines which he had brought from the village. Griffin was still in pain. Knight dropped his sword. He fed Griffin and used the medicines to heal his wounds. When Griffin recovered, he left. He returned to the kingdom empty-handed but he didn't care. He bid farewell to the king as he thought that his days as a knight were over.

The knight lives with his wife peacefully. They lived on the top of the mountain. One day, when he was admiring the horizon, he saw a winged creature. It came closer to him. It was the griffin and his younglings. The griffin spent days looking for him. He introduced them to his wife.

He went to the forest and came with four boars. They all dined together. The Griffin and the younglings would visit the knight and his wife every year.

The End", said Rupert.

Frank clapped his hands when Rupert's story was finished. It was one of the best stories that he had ever heard.

Frank and his family returned home after bidding goodbye to them. Frank asked his father why his grandfather wanted to visit them every year. He smiled and said, "Rupert was a friend of your grandfather. Your grandfather promised Rupert that he would always come and visit him even if it was just once a year. I hope one day you will keep this promise too".

Frank said, "I will, I can never get tired of visiting Elaine and Rupert". Frank asked his father how his grandfather became friends with Rupert.

His father told Frank that it was a story for another time. Frank thought he would ask Rupert when he would visit him the next time.

He also promised himself that when he visited Rupert and Elaine next time, he would be their storyteller.

Griffin sitting in the cave

Griffin sitting in the cave

The Moral Of The Story Of The Griffin

The story teaches the kids the importance of following family traditions. It also teaches the importance of being kind and good. We should always try to help the people who are in need.

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FAQs on The Story of the Griffin

1. Where did Frank's family go every year?

Frank's family visited Rupert and Elaine every year.

2. What did the Knight do to help the Griffin?

The knight bought some boars for the Griffin and also cured his wound with the medicines.

3. Why did Frank like visiting Rupert and Elaine?

Frank liked visiting Rupert and Elaine because Rupert told him different interesting stories.


The story of the griffin teaches the children an important lesson to always be kind and good. Children should always have a kind heart.

  • Teach the importance of being kind.

  • Teach the importance of being helpful.

  • Teach the children the importance of following family traditions.