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Lion Stories - 3 Bedtime Stories for Kids

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Lion Stories for Kids That Show How Intelligence Can Defeat Strength

Do you know who is the king of the jungle? Yes, you are right! It is the lion. The lion is a scary and powerful animal, isn’t it? It is mighty strong and all animals fear him. However, do you think a tiny creature can defeat it? If your answer is no then read these 3 lion stories for kids to know the truth. These stories will teach you the importance of smartness along with might. 

The Owl and The Lion 

The Owl and the Lion

The Owl and The Lion

Once upon a time, the animals of a jungle lived happily together. But one fine day, a ferocious and strong lion came to stay with them. Since the lion was big and strong, he started causing trouble and bullying the other animals. Fed up with this, the animals assembled together to discuss a way out of this.

The animals discussed and one of them said, “The lion needs to be taught a lesson. He has troubled us enough.” Everyone agreed, but another animal said, “But who will dare to do it?” Each of them looked at each other but no one volunteered. Suddenly, the owl came up and said, “I’ll do it. I’ll fight the lion.” All the other animals laughed and joked about the owl but agreed since no one else came forward. When the news reached the lion, he rolled on the ground in peals of laughter.

The next morning, the animals of the jungle gathered in front of the lion’s den who stood there arrogantly, waiting for the owl to arrive for the fight. They kept waiting for a long time but there was no sign of the owl. Soon it was time for sunset and the animals began leaving. The owl finally arrived and said, “Sorry for the delay everyone. I met this huge lion and a stronger one. I was so afraid of him I had to hide for him to leave before I could come here.” The lion stared in disbelief. “You say that lion is stronger than me? Take me to him. I’ll show him who’s stronger.” The owl took the lion to a deep well. When the lion looked into the well, he assumed his own reflection to be the other lion and roared at him. The roar echoed and returned louder which scared the lion and he ran away never to be seen again.

The Clever Jackal and The Foolish Lion

The Lion and the Jackal

The Lion and The Jackal

A hungry jackal once kept searching for food and reached the mountains. He hadn’t eaten for days and was dying out of hunger. He thought, “I hope I find something to eat here.” Suddenly, he came upon a lion. The jackal turned pale with fear. He feared for his life and murmured, “Oh no, the lion will eat me up. What should I do now?” The jackal looked up at the huge rocks and started crying. The lion asked him why he was crying. To this, the jackal replied, “Those rocks are shaking. They will fall on us and we will die.” 

The lion said, “Now what? How will we escape the rocks?” The jackal replied that he had a plan but he would need the lion’s help because he was the stronger animal between them. The jackal asked the lion to lift the big rock near them and then both of them would hide under it to save themselves. As soon as the lion lifted the rock, the jackal said, “I’ll go fetch a log to support the rock and return in 2 minutes.” With these words, the jackal ran as fast as he could and never returned. The foolish lion kept waiting for the jackal throughout the night, holding the rock. 

The Story of The Camel and The Lion

The Lion, His Assistants, and the Camel

The Lion, His Assistants, and The Camel

In a jungle, there lived a lion who was the king. He had three assistants who helped him hunt and were loyal to him. They were the crow, the jackal, and the leopard. One day, on their way to a hunting expedition, they came across a strange creature. They wondered who it was. The lion ordered the crow to fly above and find out about it. The crow returned and informed that it was a camel. The crow further added, “Camels belong to deserts. This one pulls a caravan but loses its way and is all alone. Let’s eat it, what say?”

The lion refused saying, “No, we can’t eat the camel. He is our guest.” They all obeyed the lion and the camel lived happily in the jungle as a guest. However, one day, the lion injured himself during a fight and could not hunt. His assistants again suggested that they should prey on the camel but the lion refused, saying that he vowed to protect his guest. The assistants then came up with a shrewd plan. They asked the lion, “if the camel offered himself, would you eat it?” The lion agreed to the proposal. That evening all the animals offered themselves to the lion one after the other but the lion refused. The camel did the same but this time the lion pounced on him and killed him. All four of them feasted on the camel’s meat.  


All these 3 amazing lion stories for kids show that the clever creature is always the stronger one. Despite the strength and ferocity of the lion, he was defeated by the owl and the jackal in the first two stories through their clever ideas. In the third story too, the lion’s assistants fooled the camel and enjoyed their meal. Hence, kids be smart! Let no one make a fool out of you. 

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FAQs on Lion Stories - 3 Bedtime Stories for Kids

1. State one lesson that you have learnt from these 3 lion stories for kids.

All these three lion stories teach us that intelligence is what makes an individual stronger than might. Despite being weaker creatures, the owl and the jackal displayed their intelligence and defeated the mightier lion. The lion’s assistants too outsmarted the camel and killed it for their food.

2. Why did the other animals and the lion laugh when the owl decided to fight the lion?

When the owl volunteered to fight the lion, the other animals of the jungle laughed and made fun of him. The lion too laughed at his audacity. This is because they thought that a tiny bird like the owl is too weak to fight the mighty lion. They did not show faith in his abilities.