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Ekalavya Story

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Introduction to Ekalavya Story

In the legendary Mahabharata, Ekalavya is a youthful ruler of the Nishadha clans, and an individual from a low station, who by and by tries to concentrate on arrow-based weaponry in the gurukul of Dronacharya. In the wake of being dismissed by Drona, Ekalavya leaves upon a program of self-concentration within the sight of a mud picture of Drona. He accomplishes a degree of expertise equivalent to that of Arjuna, Drona's number one and most cultivated student.

Unfortunate that Ekalavya will succeed him, Arjuna asks Drona to make a move. Drona goes to Ekalavya and requests that Ekalavya turn over his right thumb at an educator's expense. The dependable Ekalavya handicaps himself, and subsequently ruins his possibilities as a bowman, by cutting off his thumb and giving it to Drona.

In the Mahabharata, Ekalavya is presented as a youthful ruler of the humble Nishadha clans. Ekalavya was brought into the world to Devashrava (sibling of Vasudeva, who was the father of Krishna) and was raised by Hiranyadhanus, the pioneer (King) of the Nisadas, who was a leader in the multitude of Jarasandha (the lord of Magadha).

The Story Begins

Burning of acquiring progressed abilities of arrow-based weaponry, he looks for the tutelage of Drona, the unbelievable weapons master of and teacher of Arjuna and his siblings. Drona, notwithstanding, rejects Ekalavya by virtue of the sovereign's unassuming starting points.

Ekalavya is unfazed and heads out into the woodland where he molds an earth picture of Drona. Loving the sculpture as his preceptor, he starts a restrained program of self-study. Thus, Ekalavya turns into a bowman of remarkable ability, better even than Drona's best understudy, Arjuna. One day while Ekalavya is rehearsing, he hears a canine yapping. Before the canine can quiet down or move, Ekalavya fires seven bolts in fast progression to fill the canine's mouth without harming it. The Pandava sovereigns happen upon the "stuffed" canine, and wonder who might have pulled off such an accomplishment of toxophilite. Looking through the backwoods, they find a darker-looking man dressed all in dark, his body besmeared with foulness and his hair in tangled locks. It is Ekalavya, who acquaints himself with them as a student of Drona.



Arjuna’s Fear

Arjuna fears that Ekalavya might have obscured him in expertise with the bow. Subsequently, Arjuna grumbles to his instructor Drona, helping Drona to remember his commitment that he would permit no other understudy to be the equivalent of Arjuna. Drona recognizes Arjuna's case and goes with the sovereigns to search out Ekalavya. He tracks down Ekalavya, as usual, steadily rehearsing toxophilite. Seeing Drona, Ekalavya prostrates himself and catches the educator's hands, anticipating his request.

Ekalavya’s Dakshina to Drona

Drona asks Ekalavya for a Dakshina or deed of appreciation that an understudy owes his instructor upon the culmination of his preparation. Ekalavya answers that there isn't anything he wouldn't give his instructor. Drona savagely requests Ekalavya's right thumb, realizing that its misfortune will hamper Ekalavya's capacity to seek after bows and arrows. Ekalavya, be that as it may, merrily and decisively cuts off his thumb and hands it to Drona. As far as concerns him, Arjuna is feeling better to find that the injured Ekalavya can never again shoot with his previous expertise and office.

Ekalavya’s Dakshina

Ekalavya’s Dakshina

Afterward, Ekalavya filled in as a friend of King Jarasandh. At the hour of Rukmini's Swayamvar, he went about as the courier among Shishupala and Rukmini's dad Bhishmaka, at Jarasandh's command. Bhishmaka concludes that Rukmini ought to wed Shishupala, yet rather Rukmini steals away with Krishna. Ekalavya is subsequently killed by Krishna, who throws a stone against him, in contention against Jarasandh's military.


From the story of Ekalavya, it was learned that practice makes a man perfect. Ekalavya was not born with archery talent, he put his heart and mind into learning this skill and by practicing hard he became very good at it. Another moral of this story is that by self-mentoring, anything can be achieved.

Ekalavya did not have the guidance of Dronacharya, he just prayed before his statue every morning. Ekalavya was unbeatable, even the greatest archer of that time Arjuna could not defeat him, it was all because of Ekalavya’s practice, self-belief, and confidence in himself.

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FAQs on Ekalavya Story

1. How did Ekalavya learn toxophilite?

Ekalavya was extremely frustrated when Drona rejected him yet as he considered Drona his instructor, he complied with him and got back to the woodland. There he made a mud picture of Drona and implored it consistently.

He rehearsed constantly. He turned out to be so capable in the specialty of the bow and bolt that he could shoot in obscurity or without seeing the items he was focusing on, or he could shoot things by simply hearing the sound of them.

2. For what reason were the sovereigns stunned when they saw the canine?

One day all the kuru sovereigns were out hunting in the backwoods. One of their colossal canines ran in front of them and unexpectedly came out of the trees. In the clearing was the picture of a robot and the canine began to bark at it. Then, around then Ekalavya was about a fourth of a mile, somewhere down in the timberland. He heard the canine yapping and pulling seven bolts from his quiver he let fly in a steady progression, directly at the canine. Every bolt penetrated the canine's mouth, without killing it, and made an example of bolts that halted the canine woofing. They were flabbergasted to see the sovereigns.