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Tiana Bedtime Story

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Introduction to Bedtime Stories

Stories are recited for many reasons or say purposes, one of the best reasons we do that is to put that baby or the kids to sleep. We have often heard stories from our parents, grandparents, and the nears and the dears. Bedtime stories are fun and pass on good values and morals to kids. So here we are with another story with life lessons, the story of Tiana, who turned into a princess.

Princess Tiana and the Frog

Princess Tiana and The Frog 

As Tiana grew up, she never stopped to wish for her restaurant. But she knew that wishing wasn’t always enough, and that she would have to put the words to work. She worked hard daily to make her dream a reality but that left no time for her to have fun.


One day Tiana’s friend Charlotte asked Tiana to bake her famous beignets. Charlotte was throwing a masquerade ball for a prince named Naveen. She thought that the money from the beignets would be one step closer to her restaurant. Dressed in a princess costume for the ball, Tiana made one more wish on the evening star, still that it could make her dream come true.

When she was done, a frog spoke to her. 

It was prince Naveen, a magic spell had turned him into a frog. Only a kiss from a princess could break the spell and Naveen thought Tiana was a real princess at that time. 

Tiana didn’t want to kiss a frog, but then prince Naveen offered help to her open a restaurant, so she closed her eyes and kissed him in return. But he didn’t turn back into a prince. Instead, she turned into a frog.

Tiana kissing the frog Naveen

Tiana Kissing the Frog Naveen 

Disappointed, Tiana and Naveen left the party and ended up in a bayou. They met an alligator named Louis who liked to play the trumpet, he knew exactly who could turn them human again and cried the name  – Mama Odie. 

As Tiana and Naveen followed the alligator to Mama Odie, the firefly, they taught each other beautiful life lessons. Tiana was shown by Naveen the fun she was missing in her life, and Naveen was taught how to work hard in life and make friends at moments, life was full of turns for them and they became lifelong friends.   

That night, the evening star was bright and full of hope, while Louis did what he was best at playing the trumpet, Naveen and Tiana danced to the music gracefully together. The night was full of fun and friendship cheers. The next day Tiana and Naveen went to Mama Odie’s home. She knew what they needed and possessed all the magic powers. She said I know what you want, your needs, and they wish to go back to humans, but you are blind to what you need. 

Mama Odie used magic to perform and show both of them that charlotte was a Mardi grass princess for the day, if charlotte agrees to kiss Naveen then the spell would be broken so they had to hurry home but both of them reached late and were stuck as frogs forever, but unlike the old-time both of them had friendship and love which guided them for the future and they decided to get married in between the frogs and hence had a beautiful journey of life together as Naveen remained a prince of frogs and saved his thrown and his lady love, Tiana became a real princess and they lived happily ever after.

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen  


Love makes us all is rightly said. Life is full of new experiences, and so was the case of Tiana and Prince Naveen. They both didn’t know that life was about to gift them the togetherness for a lifetime. While we are busy thinking about life plans, God has something for us waiting. Tiana didn’t get her restaurant but helped Naveen and became a princess for a lifetime; they made new friends as alligator Louis and lived happily.

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FAQs on Tiana Bedtime Story

1. What do you think the story of Tiana taught you?

The story is a beautiful tale of how life is full of new chapters and lessons. Tiana who never thought about life’s biggest changes got an opportunity to become a princess of the man who turned into a frog by the spell, they got an opportunity to be humans again but failed. They started enjoying each other’s company and did what was best for them. All happened for the good and they didn’t expect the same, this story is a lesson of how we can turn the problem into beautiful solutions and cherish them for life.

2. Did both of them like the change which came in their life, and what did it teach them?

Tiana and the prince never thought that they would face such a situation wherein they would not be able to return back. Tiana always, as a kid, wanted to own her restaurant, but on the other side, Naveen was stuck in a situation wherein he needed help and thought her of a princess, which finally led both of them into a problem that, in the end, shifted into a blessing in disguise, so in this matter, chances are good and required.