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The Frog Story - The Two Frogs

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As we all know, children are very interested in listening to stories, especially before they go to sleep, however, it depends on the type of stories that we tell them. They will connect and get involved in things like animals, cartoons, birds, and more relative objects. We can tell them stories on these categories and ask them questions at the end of the story. This helps to build their thinking level and make them compare and understand what is good and what is bad.

The two frogs story is one such that is liked by most of the children. Let us look at the story in detail and figure out what lessons that we can learn from the story.

The Two Frogs: Story

While walking through the woods with a group of frogs, two of them fell into a deep pit.  The other frogs told the two frogs they were dead when they realised how deep the pit was. The two frogs ignored the remarks and did their hardest to leap out of the pit. The other frogs continued telling them to stop, that they were dead as a result of their actions. Finally, one of the frogs decided to give up after listening to the other frogs. He fell down and died.

The Two Frogs

The Two Frogs

The second frog continued to jump as high as he possibly could. The frogs yelled at him once more to stop hurting himself and just die. He jumped higher and higher until he was able to escape. "Did you not hear us?" the other frogs said when he emerged. The frog claimed he could not hear them because he was deaf. They were always encouraging him, he thought.

Moral of the story

The tongue has both life and death power. A kind word to a depressed person might boost them up and help them get through the day. As a result, be careful about what you say. Speak life to people who come into contact with you. Words have power... It's sometimes difficult to understand how much an encouraging remark can mean.

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FAQs on The Frog Story - The Two Frogs

1. What did you learn from the story: The Two Frogs?

While reading the story, it is very important to get connected with it and learn the good points from it. In addition, we have to habituate those good points in our life and help others in needy.

A few of the points that I (being a child) from the story is:

  • The tongue holds both life and death power. A kind word to a depressed person might lift them up and help them get through the day.

  • To say something hurtful to someone who is down can be the difference between life and death.

2. What is meant by the power of words?

We should constantly be mindful about what we say and do. Speak life to all who come into contact with us. The power of words - it's sometimes difficult to understand how much an encouraging word can mean. Anyone can say things that sap a person's ability to persevere in difficult times. The person who takes the effort to encourage another is unique.