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Bloody Fingers Story for Kids

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A Brief Introduction to the Story

Making something terrifying fun for youngsters, in particular, provides just enough distance to connect with it, make it feel a bit more in their control, and give them a sense of authority over something unfamiliar. That certainly puts the fury of outbursts into context. The thrills and excitement in a horror novel make the plot more entertaining.

‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ contains the story of the ‘Bloody Fingers'. It relates the narrative of a hotel where one of the rooms is haunted by a ghost, as well as the interactions between the ghost and a few people who decide to spend the night in the room. The purpose of this narrative is to make the reader chuckle.

Bloody Fingers Story  or The Ghost with the Bloody Fingers

Long ago, it was widely believed that a ghost roamed the 13th level of a certain hotel. It was supposed to be a dangerous ghost. A guy entered the hotel one day. He requested a room. The manager apologised and informed the man that all but one of the rooms were booked.

The manager told the guy, "There is a room on the 13th floor sir, but we do not rent that room." "It's haunted," the manager remarked, his voice shaking with terror. The man informed the manager, "I'll take it." He went on to say that he didn't believe in ghosts. As a result, the manager handed over the keys to the man.

The man took the keys and entered the room above. He opted to sleep since he was exhausted. The man was ready to turn down the lights when he heard a deep, ominous growl. The door creaked and slowly opened. A pale, ghostly figure stumbled forth from the closet, its fingers dripping with blood.

"Bloody fingers!" screamed the ghost, "Bloody fingers!" screamed the ghost. The man became afraid and fled. He didn't even want to get out of his robe. The man grabbed his belongings and bolted, never to be seen again.

The following night, an elderly lady checked into the motel. She, too, requested a room. Except for the room on the 13th floor, the hotel was still full. The old lady was told about the ghost by the management. "Son, I have seen a lot in my day," she said to the manager, "And I am confident that nothing could worry me."

She took the keys and entered the room as well. Then she heard the door squeak open just as she was ready to turn out the lights. In front of her, a pallid person stood. The fingers of the phantom were still bleeding. "Bloody fingers," said the ghost. "I've got bloody fingertips." The ghost said it again. The elderly woman gave out a yell and bolted as quickly as she could.

A week had gone before a young adolescent arrived. He came late at night, and he was carrying a guitar case with him. He, too, requested a room. The youngster chose the haunted room against the manager's recommendations. He paid for the room and went to the counter to get his key. He walked upstairs with his guitar to the haunted chamber.

For a time, the youngster chose to sit and play his guitar. The door gently creaked open as the youngster sat strumming his guitar. The ghost reappeared. The apparition was still pallid and horrible. Its fingers were smeared on the floor. It yelled, "Bloody fingers!"

The bloody finger ghost and the boy

The Bloody Finger Ghost and The Boy 

The boy was unmoved by the situation. He continued strumming his guitar, ignoring the ghost. "BLOODY FINGERS!" yelled the ghost once more. He was neglected once more by the boy. The ghost groaned and moaned and moaned. Finally, the child put down his guitar and addressed the ghost directly, saying, "Shut up and get yourself a Band-Aid."


Children's ghost stories are a great method to get young readers interested in the thrill of being scared silly. Through the eyes of little characters, children may visit the fascinating realm of spirits and summonings, and encounter ghosts that are more frequently kind than terrifying. To read more stories like this, head over to our website and choose from our vast collection of stories and poems for kids.

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FAQs on Bloody Fingers Story for Kids

1. When The Bloody Finger ghost groaned and moaned, what did the boy say to him?

When The Bloody Finger ghost groaned and moaned, saying “BLOODY FINGERS” repeatedly, the boy kept ignoring him.  He then asked it to keep quiet and put a band-aid to his fingers.

2. Why do kids enjoy scary stories so much?

Children learn how to deal with the actual world through scary stories. They're a method of admitting that life isn't always easy and learning that it's OK to feel afraid. It gives them the thrill of fear and also the courage to be brave and face all problems with wisdom and mindfulness.