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Short Story on Positive Thinking

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Introduction to the Story

It has often been heard that life is a combination of ups and downs. But no matter what happens in life, being optimistic requires constant work and is not simple. Once you are optimistic, you can turn your fate around.

No matter how challenging your goals are, it supports you in achieving them. When an unusual circumstance comes into your life, and you become stressed, you can get through the stress and find the motivation to carry on with the aid of positive thinking. The simplest positive thinking strategy is to just concentrate on solving an issue rather than being negative and concentrating on why it occurred in the first place.

The Story- Nothing Happens By Chance

A well-known oncologist named Dr. Ahmed was travelling to another city for a conference where he would receive an award for his contributions to medical research. He was quite eager to get there as quickly as possible and attend the seminar.

However, two hours after the takeoff, the jet made an emergency landing at the closest terminal because of a technical issue.

Dr. Ahmed rushed to the reception to inquire about the next flight, the meeting was only four hours later, and the receptionist advised him to rent a car and travel alone.

He hated travelling long distances, but Dr. Ahmed rented a car and started his journey. The weather abruptly changed, and a severe storm started immediately after he left. He had a tough time seeing through the heavy rain and missed the turn he was scheduled to make.

After two hours of driving, he began to feel lost. Feeling hungry and exhausted, he began searching for any indication of life. 

Deteriorated House

Deteriorated House 

Once the storm had passed for a while, he eventually located a little house. He got off the vehicle and frantically knocked on the door. The door was opened by a lovely woman. After explaining the situation, he requested her permission to use her phone.

The woman told the doctor that she didn't have a phone connection but that he might wait inside till the weather got better. He entered after accepting her invitation despite being hungry and worn out. He was given bread and tea by the woman. 

The doctor observed the woman praying, while seated at the table and enjoying a cup of tea in the soft candlelight. She would begin another prayer as soon as she finished the last one. The doctor jumped at the chance to speak as quickly as the woman concluded her prayers, sensing that she could need something. The doctor questioned if God would ever hear her prayers and what precisely she wanted from God.

Lady Praying for Her Son

Lady Praying for Her Son

He inquired more about the infant in the cradle for whom she was praying. The woman said that the infant in the crib was her son, who had cancer, and that only one doctor, Dr. Ahmed, could treat him. However, she didn't have the money to pay his fee, and Dr. Ahmed also lived in a faraway town.

She remarked that although God had not yet answered her prayer, He would do so in the future. Dr. Ahmed was in tears, speechless and shocked.

He remembered the sequence of events that led up to this moment and muttered under his breath, "God is magnificent."

All of these events occurred in a pre-planned sequence because God not only answered her prayer but also allowed him to help the poor, needy people who have nothing but their prayers.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that everything works out for the best.


The given story demonstrates how keeping the mind positive can make you happy. Destiny didn't allow Dr. Ahmed to attend the award show but landed him in the situation where he was actually needed. So this story teaches us to have faith in God and trust his timing.

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FAQs on Short Story on Positive Thinking

1. What is the impact of positive thinking on our lives?

There are several benefits to thinking positively. It helps you reach your goals, no matter how difficult they may be. Positive thinking can help you get through the tension and find the will to keep going when an unusual situation occurs in your life and strains your mind. The simplest positive thinking technique is to just focus on finding a solution to a problem rather than being negative and focusing on how it came about in the first place.

2. Which events lead Ahmed to help the lady?

He first had trouble with the plane, then a storm, and then he lost his way. He remembered the sequence of events that had gotten him to this point and said under his breath, "God is magnificent."

As God answered the lady’s prayers and provided him with the opportunity to leave the materialistic world and assist the poor, needy people who have nothing but their prayers, he thought these events happened in a pre-planned order. In this way, Dr. Ahmed reached there and helped the lady’s son.