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A Panchatantra Story of the Three Fish for Kids

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An Introduction to the Three Fish Story

Panchatantra's stories are liked by children very much because it teaches the values as well as important life lessons with entertainment. Kids like the stories because they use animal characters in the story. The three fish story is also a Panchatantra story. This is the interesting story of three fish who were close friends. There was a lake where three big fishes used to live. They were good friends but they were characteristically different. Let’s read the full story to know about the Three Fish Story for kids in detail.

The Three Fish Swimming in water

The Three Fish Swimming in water 

Full Story of The Three Fish

The first fish was very wise. He did everything after thinking a lot. The second was a cheerful, intelligent, and resourceful fish. He was good at finding solutions to problems by using his brain. The last fish used to believe in fate. He believes that no one can change anything which is destined to happen. One day the wise fish heard the conversation of fishermen that the lake was full of good fish and they would come soon to catch fish from the lake. The wise fish came to the other two fishes and told them what he heard. The wise fish said that they should leave the lake and should go to another lake. The resourceful fish said, “Let them come! I will find a solution to this problem.” The third fish said, “I will not live in this lake. I have lived my life here. Whatever will be, will be.” The wise fish did not want to die so went to another lake. The next day a fisherman came and cast his net. 

Fisherman with his net

Fisherman with his Net

Two of the fish friends got caught in the net. The resourceful fish find a way to deal with the problem. He pretended to be dead and the fisherman threw him into the water while the fish who believed in fate and did nothing died in the net out of the water.


The story of three fishes is liked by kids as it is teaching a life lesson that we should make efforts to change our life and adopt changes accordingly. The article provides the complete story of Three Fish which is a very popular fish story for kids of Panchatantra.

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FAQs on A Panchatantra Story of the Three Fish for Kids

1. What is the moral of the story ‘The Three Fish’?

The fish story teaches us the lesson that we should deal with our problems and try to find a solution. If you think that everything that occurs can not be changed, then you would never be able to make your life better. Hence, the moral of the story is that one who does not adapt to change often perishes.

2. Which fish died in the three fish story?

The third fish who did nothing to escape from death in the story died at the end. The wise fish left the lake and went to another lake and the resourceful fish found the solution to the problem while the last one was believing in fate.