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Story of the Brave Tailor for Kids

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Brave Little Tailor and the Village Giant 

Do you all love to hear bedtime stories? If yes, then be ready to listen to one of the famous tailor stories. You will totally enjoy this story of a brave little tailor and how he defeated a giant. His bravery was praised by everyone in the village. Reading bedtime stories is always important. They teach us valuable lessons on life and you can easily dive into your world of imagination while listening to the stories.

So, let us read and find out what does the story of the brave little tailor and the village giant teach us.

The Brave Little Tailor

The Brave Little Tailor

Summary of the Brave Tailor Story

Once upon a time, there lived a little tailor in a village. He was very popular among the villagers for his bravery. One day on a sunny summer morning, the tailor sat at his window table. He was in a good mood and sewed his heart out. "Good jams, inexpensive!" cried a peasant woman as she walked down the street. "Come over here, sweet woman, I'll purchase a jar!" said the tailor, stretching his kind head out the window. "I will eat this jam and gain some strength to work!" exclaimed the little tailor, so he took the bread from the cabinet, sliced himself a piece from the loaf and spread the jam over it. But he thought of finishing his work first and started sewing the jacket again. He kept the bread aside.

Meanwhile, the strong and sweet smell of the jam attracted a swarm of flies. He made an attempt to remove the uninvited flies but they reappeared in larger numbers every time. Finally, the small tailor lost patience and took a piece of cloth from his work table and said, "I'll get you!" He smacked them hard. When he moved the cloth away and counted, he discovered seven dead flies with their legs stretched out in front of him. When the tailor saw the flies he had killed, he couldn't help but admire his own bravery. "This will be known across the neighbourhood!" he exclaimed. He quickly cut himself a belt, sewed it, and embroidered "SEVEN DEAD AT ONE STROKE!" in bold characters on it.

The tailor wore the belt and went off on an adventure to prove his bravery. He looked around the house before leaving to see if there was anything he could take with him. But all he discovered was an old cheese, which he stuffed into his pocket. As there was a little bird in front of the door, he decided to put the bird in his pocket as well. Then he got on the road that would take him up into the mountains. He noticed a huge giant looking at him when he reached the highest point of the mountain. For years, the village had been terrified by the giant. "Good day, buddy!" shouted the brave little tailor. "How are you doing?"

"How dare you talk to me, you poor little creature!" the monster growled at the tailor. The brave young tailor opened his coat and displayed his belt to the giant. "Well, you can see what kind of man I am," the tailor remarked. When the giant read "Seven dead at one stroke," he assumed these were the giants killed by the tailor, and he was frightened from the young tailor. 

The giant took a stone in his palm and compressed it until only tiny parts remained. The giant questioned, "Do you have the strength to do that?" The tailor, then, reached into his pocket and pulled out the soft cheese, pressing it until the liquid spilt out. When the giant saw this, he was shocked to see the strength of the young boy.  The giant then grabbed up a stone and threw it so far that the eye couldn't keep up with it. "Now, little man, do it!" exclaimed the giant. As a reply, the tailor reached into his pocket, pulled out the bird, and tossed it into the air. The bird, overjoyed at its newfound freedom,  flew away in the sky and did not return. "You can surely throw," the giant remarked, "but now we'll see if you can carry a tree!"

"If you are strong enough, help me take the trunk out of the forest!" he said to the little tailor as they approached a huge oak tree that had been fallen on the ground. "Let's do it!" says the group. "You carry the trunk on your shoulders and I'll lift the branches and twigs; they're the heaviest," the tiny man replied. The giant carried the trunk on his shoulder, but the tailor simply sat on the branch. The giant, unable to glance around, carried the entire tree away while the little tailor rested and whistled. The giant was questioning his own strength in front of the little tailor's bravery and strength. 

The Brave Tailor and The Giant

The Brave Tailor and The Giant

"If you are such a great fellow," the giant said, "come with me into my cave and spend the night." The tailor was ready to follow him and did so. When they entered the cave, they found other giants sitting around the fire, each holding a roasted sheep and enjoying it. "It is far more spacious here than in my workshop!" exclaimed the brave little tailor as he gazed around. The giant showed him a bed and assisted him in lying down and sleeping in it. The bed, on the other hand, was far too large for the little tailor. He crawled into a corner rather than lying down in it.

When it was midnight and the giant assumed the small tailor was fast asleep, he got up, took a large iron rod, and with one blow, he sliced through the bed, thinking he had killed off the grasshopper of a man for good. He then proceeded to attack the village. While the villagers were escaping from the giant, the small tailor appeared out of nowhere, yelling, "I will destroy you!" "You terrible giant!" The giant believed the young tailor for an immortal and fled, never to be seen again. The small tailor, on the other hand, was long remembered and admired in the village for his remarkable bravery!

So, what does the story of a little brave tailor teach us? It tells us that if we are brave enough and keep faith in ourselves, we can easily overcome any difficulties in our life.

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FAQs on Story of the Brave Tailor for Kids

1. Why did the little tailor wear a belt that said, "Seven dead at one stroke"?

The little tailor-made a belt on his own and embroidered the quote "Seven dead at one stroke" because he was happy and equally proud to kill seven flies that entered his room again and again. He was not afraid of them and killed them easily at one stroke. He wore that belt to let people know about his bravery.

2. Why was the tailor praised by all the villagers?

The entire village praised the little tailor for his bravery and how he defeated the giants of the village without any fear. Although the giant challenged the tailor in many ways, the little boy kept calm and defeated the giant in every way.