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Christmas Stories for Kids

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Introduction to Christmas Stories for Kids

There’s something unique about Christmas. It is the time when children all over the world are showered with gifts from their family and friends. It is among their preferred gala's as they stay up for vacations, cookies, Santa Claus, and gifts, of course! 

Christmas eve

Christmas Eve

The beginning of December marks the preparations, and the celebration begins some days before Christmas. I’m sure you must celebrate Christmas cheerfully and receive many presents and Santa stories from your parents, or grandparents. 

In this article, you will get some interesting Christmas stories. Yes, Christmas eve and evening have something special that should cherish forever. Let’s see in the stories how Christmas is celebrated and what present they received.

Story 1: The Fir Tree

The Fir Tree’ is a story by Hans Christian Anderson. This story is set in a younger fir tree that desires to grow up soon. The tree is obsessed with the concept of growing up and doesn’t love it while someone reminds it of its density. One day, the little tree was reduced right down to serve as a Christmas tree. It is carried to a residence and is decorated with coloured apples, toys, chocolates, and a gold star on Christmas Evening. 

Santa with Fir Tree

Santa with Fir Tree

Children came, played across the tree, and stripped the tree of its chocolates. The subsequent day, the tree was carried into the attic and was now lonely. The happy two days for fir trees on the eve of Christmas were over. Rats came and departed, but the tree was left alone. In closing, in spring, the little fir tree is carried to a yard and reduced and burned and the lifestyle of a little tree ends

Moral: This tale gives the lesson to realise the little things in lifestyles and be happy with what they have got.

Story 2: The Elves and the Shoemaker Story

The Elves and the Shoemaker is a traditional Christmas fairy tale that children love to listen to. This tale by means of the ‘Brothers Grimm is about two elves that help a terrible shoemaker. 

This story is about a shoemaker who lived with his wife in a small house. He was very poor and didn't have any cash left with him. He most effectively had a few pieces of leather left to make one pair of shoes. 

One night, he cut the leather for a couple of shoes that he thought he would make in the morning, prayed to God for a good day, and went to sleep. The following morning, the shoemaker discovered a beautiful pair of footwear on the table in his store. This pair of footwear was so beautiful that it sold for a heavy price.

Christmas fairy tale

Christmas Fairy Tale

For many days, this continued and the shoemaker became rich. One day, the shoemaker and his spouse were determined to find out their helpers. They found two little men (elves) who came in the midnight and made the footwear. Elves didn’t have clothes. Shoemaker and his wife decided to give little clothes to the elves to be able to thank them for their service. 

The little elves came the next night and were happy to see the garments. They wear it and pass most effectively to in no way go back once more. The shoemaker lives a satisfied and successful lifestyle thereafter and little elves are thrilled, too. 

Moral: Hard work constantly reaps its rewards. It is due to the fact that the shoemaker worked so hard that the elves got here to help him. In return, he also gave the elves new garments made with love.


Two Christmas stories are discussed in this article. In the first story, information about the fir trees is given. This tree is used to celebrate Christmas, people get this tree in their home, decorate it with lights, and gifts, sing songs around it and after the eve they put it outside. In the second story, the life of a shoemaker is discussed. He was so poor that he had nothing left despite a piece of leather. Then elves helped him by using that piece of leather and lastly elves got presents from him. These stories have life lessons for kids that are shared in the story.

1. What is the story of the shoemaker? 

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FAQs on Christmas Stories for Kids

1. What is the story of the shoemaker? 

There was once a shoemaker, who worked very difficult and became very honest but still he couldn't earn enough to live. One day his life changed with the help of elves, they made footwear for the shoemaker and by selling them his lifestyle changed.

2. What is the story of the Fir Tree?

The story is told from the perspective of a fir tree that wants to be decorated for Christmas and brought home by people. It finally gets the opportunity, and as it watches the family open presents, laugh, and sing, it has the happiest two days of its life.

3. What did the shoemaker do while he had nothing left?

He prayed to god for good times and trust the magic of god. He was left with only one piece of leather so he cut it and thought of stitching it in the morning. But he got beautiful footwear in the morning at the place of leather that changed his life.