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Thank You Story – How to Harness the Power of Gratitude?

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How often do you say “thank you” to people? Why do you thank them, in general? Have you ever thanked someone in a moment when you were not really thankful? These questions can be confusing when simply put together. Let us read a short story about expressing gratitude and try to understand the ability of a simple “thank you”!

The Thank You Story

Angela was looking for a job for a while. She was a bright student and had all the necessary qualifications needed to crack her dream job. After several rounds of interviews in a company, it came down to her and another candidate. Unfortunately, the other candidate was selected for the position, and Angela was heartbroken. 

You may wonder how Angela might have reacted. To our surprise, she took the result very positively and decided to write a thank-you note to the recruiter. She decorated the note with different colours and showed gratitude for considering her for the position. 

We must keep in mind that she was not feeling grateful for being rejected. She had just shared a thank you note at a time when the receiver (recruiter) was not expecting one. You must understand by now that it can be really difficult to do such a thing. However, Angela went through with it and got a warm reply from the recruiter. It said that it is very rare that people thank someone at a time when they are not really very thankful. It shows sincerity and professional conduct. 

A thank you note

A Thank You Note

The story doesn’t end here. Angela was glad she had received a reply to her note, but she was further surprised when she received another job offer for her desired position in the same company a few days later! The recruiter had previously mentioned that she would consider Angela if future opportunities arise. However, Angela strongly felt that it was her little thank you note that had done the trick! 

A girl thanking her recruiter after an interview

A Girl Thanking Her Recruiter after An Interview


Thank you for reading this amazing story. We hope that you learned a thing or two from it and are sure that you will apply the lessons learned in your life as well. Visit the Vedantu website for more such stories and lessons.

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FAQs on Thank You Story – How to Harness the Power of Gratitude?

1. Why did Angela choose to write a thank you note?

Angela was not very happy with the result of the interview. But she was grateful for at least being considered as a suitable candidate for the position. Therefore, she thanked her recruiter for the bit she was actually thankful for, and she made it a beautiful gesture that the recruiter would remember.

2. What do we learn from this thank you story?

The story makes us realise the power of a simple “thank you”. It does not cost anything to show gratitude, and more often than not, people are joyful to hear or receive a token of gratitude, especially when they do not expect one. A show of thankfulness is a warm expression and people are sure to remember such a feeling in the long run.