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3 Amazing Stories for 7-Year-Olds to Read and Enjoy

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The age of 7 is a time when kids start growing really curious about new things. This is an optimal time to introduce stories and ideas that can properly nurture values in them while also developing a good taste for relatable content. We encourage parents to let their kids read stories that can help in the healthy consumption of knowledge in a fun way. What could be a better way than introducing them to great moral stories! So here are some great stories for 7-year-olds.

Interesting Stories for Curious 7-year-olds

The following three stories are short and crisp tales that deliver morals that should be kept in mind throughout life. The stories are not just for kids to enjoy, they are lessons that adults should learn as well. Let us dive into the tales and see how we can learn and use them in real life!   

  1. The Grapes Must Be Sour

There was once a fox who was very hungry. He went out to look for some food for himself. He searched a lot, but he couldn’t find anything that could be eaten.

After some time, the fox came across a farmer’s wall. At its top, he saw a bunch of juicy, large grapes. These grapes were amazing to look at and were purple in colour, which told the fox that they were ready to be eaten.

However, it was not easy for the fox to get the grapes. He tried jumping hard and high but failed to reach the juicy grapes.

The fox tried some more times, but he just couldn’t reach them.

Finally, the fox gave up and began walking away. As he was leaving, he told himself that the grapes must be sour.

A hungry fox trying to reach the juicy purple grapes

A Hungry Fox trying to Reach the Juicy Purple Grapes

  1. The Proud Rose

A long time ago, there was a beautiful red rose that was extremely proud of her looks. She was so obsessed with herself that she never thought what others would think of her. She was upset to have a cactus growing near her.

Each day, the beautiful rose would mock and make fun of the cactus because of his ugliness. The cactus never complained. All the other plants near the rose tried to make her understand the importance of qualities, but she was too consumed by her own looks that she didn’t bother to listen.

One summer, when the heat was unbearable and the desert had become dry, the plants did not have any water to drink. The beautiful rose started wilting and her petals began to dry up.

Looking at the cactus, the rose was surprised! She noticed a sparrow drink out of the cactus. The rose was soon ashamed of herself and humbly asked the cactus if she could have some water. The cactus was kind and he readily helped the rose to get through the harsh summer, and they became good friends.

The proud rose and the ugly cactus

The Proud Rose and the Ugly Cactus

  1. The Wise Old Owl

There was once an owl who was really old and really wise. He lived inside the hollow of an oak tree. Each day, the owl would observe incidents occurring around him.

One day, the owl watched a young boy helping an old man carry a heavy basket. The next day, he noticed a young girl yelling at her mother. The more the owl saw, the less he spoke.

With passing time, the owl spoke less and heard more. He would keenly listen to conversations and stories by people.

The wise old owl heard truths and he heard lies. But he would never speak unless it was absolutely necessary.

He had witnessed a lot of things happening to a lot of people. Some people became better, and some became worse. But the old owl became wiser with each passing day.

The old wise owl in the hollow of an oak tree

The Old Wise Owl in the Hollow of an Oak Tree


Moral stories are a great way for kids to learn new ideas about life, and they can be a great source of wisdom and values. It is advisable that such stories be read out to or made available to 7-year-olds to help them grow a habit of reading good books and being observant in the future.

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FAQs on 3 Amazing Stories for 7-Year-Olds to Read and Enjoy

1. What is the moral of the story “The Grapes Must Be Sour”?

The story tells us that we must not hate what we cannot have. Nothing in the world comes easy, and we must work hard to get something we really want instead of considering it worthless.

2. What do we learn from the story “The Proud Rose”?

The story of the proud rose tells us that we should never judge something or someone by their appearance. 

3. How did the old wise owl become so wise?

The old owl grew wiser each day by silently observing the happenings around him. He would not speak without serious reason, and he would listen quietly to learn things from the incidents around the world.