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A Short Story on Politeness to Know Why It is an Important Value

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A Brief Introduction to Politeness

Politeness is the way we behave and the way we talk. We should always speak politely with others and use kind words like thank you, sorry, please, welcome, etc. The basic manners that show politeness are saying sorry after you do something wrong; saying thank you when someone does good for you; being helpful to others.; respect the elders, etc.

Let us learn lessons from the short stories on politeness that are given below.  So be ready for some interesting and meaningful short stories on politeness and see how useful is the value of politeness.



1. The Boy Who Was Rude to Others

There was an angry fellow in the class. His name was Ryan. He was very rude to people around him. Ryan didn't like to be polite to anyone. His teachers and parents always lectured him to be polite and use the words like Thank You, Sorry, Please, etc. However, nothing affected him. Whenever he wanted something, he simply snatched it without permission or request. He always made fun of other people and walked away.

An Old Lady and Ryan

An Old Lady and Ryan

One day, Ryan was playing in the garden with his football. An old lady was going through his outhouse and asked for some water. Ryan refused to give her a glass of water and ignored her. After seeing this rude behaviour, the old lady cursed him that from now on, whatever rude words he uttered and rude behaviour he showed towards others would leave an ugly scar on his face. 

Ryan’s Injury

Ryan’s Injury

Ryan shouted and started playing. While kicking the ball, he punched his face and the ball hit his face. He got scars. After that, he was going to the garden where a dog scraped him and ran after him. Due to this, he fell down and hurt his face.

Ryan went inside his house. His mom saw him and asked what happened to his face. He shouted at his mom and said “Go to the kitchen and do your work”. Ryan went upstairs to his room and suddenly he slipped from the stairs and hurt his nose and eyes.

Ryan was very angry and in pain. His parents were worried about him. Ryan didn't like himself when he saw his face in the mirror. He started thinking about the whole thing and realised that whenever he said rude words, he was punished. He was in tears. His father came to his room and Ryan said, “Please dad leave me alone”. Surprisingly, the moment he used the word “please”, the scar on his face disappeared and he realised what had happened.

The next morning, Ryan spoke politely with everyone. With every polite word, the scars disappeared from his face. In the evening, Ryan saw that same old lady again. He ran to her and said sorry and offered a glass of water to her. The old lady smiled and said, "I hope you won't forget this lesson ever".

Moral of the Story: Speaking polite words to everyone is a good habit and necessary.

2. The Polite Shopkeeper

Jam was a polite shopkeeper who sold cookies and candies in his bakery. One day, a man went to his bakery. After asking about the charges, he ordered some cookies and gems and paid for them. Jam requested some time for the preparation of fresh cookies. The man sat on the chair and patiently waited for his order.

Jam’s Bakery Shop

Jam’s Bakery Shop

Jam took more time than expected. When the customer asked him about the reason for the delay, he told him that his oven was not working so fresh cookies couldn’t be baked. The man started shouting angrily. Jam said with folded hands “I am sorry sir, I accept my fault. Please forgive me. I will refund your money”. The man was impressed by Jam’s politeness. He forgave him and told him to deliver the order when the oven got repaired.


Moral of the Story: Politeness earns you many good friends and respect from others.


Our actions and words should be respectful. We should learn good manners and implement them into our daily lives by constantly speaking respectfully to people and using words like "thank you," "sorry," "please," and "welcome." Saying sorry after doing something wrong is one of the fundamental manners that demonstrate kindness. We hope you have learnt the value of politeness from these stories and will practise them in your life too.

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FAQs on A Short Story on Politeness to Know Why It is an Important Value

1. How did the scars disappear from Ryan's face? What does Ryan do after realising his mistake?

The scars on Ryan's face disappeared when he was in the room and his father came to see him. Ryan requested his father to leave him alone and used kind words and suddenly one of his scars disappeared. He then realised that with each kind word he used, his scars would disappear. After this, Ryan saw that same old lady again. He apologised to her and offered to help her with a glass of water. The old lady smiled and forgave him for his rude behaviour earlier.

2. What manners help you to be polite?

Politeness is a behaviour that is respectful and appreciated by everyone. Being polite is the most essential thing. There are many basic manners that everyone should apply in their life. Some of the manners that help to be polite are:

  • Saying sorry after you do something wrong.

  • Saying thank you when someone does good for you.

  • Knocking at the door before entering anywhere.

  • Saying excuse me.

  • Being helpful to others. 

  • Covering your mouth while sneezing.

  • Not taking others' things without their permission.