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Monkey and The Dolphin Story

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Introduction to Bedtime Stories

There has always been storytelling. However, storytelling environments today have altered. More technologically enhanced stories are available on gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and televisions. Children interact with their environment through stories. Stories offer a live human interaction and an enjoyable experience, in contrast to the numerous apps, video games, television shows, and movies. The child begins reacting emotionally and develops accustomed to the storyteller's narrative techniques. The short duration of bedtime stories makes them a fantastic approach to teaching your youngster to focus. Short stories encourage discussion and help your child visualise real-world situations. 

Monkey and the Dolphin: The Story

A long time ago, some sailors launched their ships into the water. They used to take long journeys. For a long trip, one of the sailors brought his pet monkey. When they were out at sea, a strong storm caused the ship to sink into the ocean.

The crew members, including the monkey and sailors, had to swim for their life. Their ship flipped over in a violent storm. The monkey was certain that he would drown when everyone else fell into the water. They were all in grave trouble. The monkey made an effort to protect himself. A dolphin witnessed the monkey battling the waters. It emerged out of the sea and grabbed him.

Monkey and the Dolphin

Monkey And The Dolphin

They arrived at the island quickly. Then the monkey came down from the dolphin’s back. “Do you know this place?” the dolphin enquired of the monkey. The monkey responded, "I do, indeed! The island's king is my closest friend.”

“Do you realise that I am a royal in reality?" said the monkey. Knowing that no one lived on the island, the dolphin said, "Well! Well! You are a Prince, then! You can now reign as King!". "How can I be the King?" the monkey inquired. The dolphin replied, "That is easy as you are the only species on this island so that you will be the King,". The dolphin began to swim away. The dolphin left the monkey on the island after becoming furious at this deception.

Monkey on the Island

Monkey on The Island

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that those who brag unnecessarily may get into trouble. As seen in this story, the monkey was left alone on the island by a dolphin as he was just bragging about him being the king’s friend on this island. 


Bragging and lying about things that can get you in trouble were perfectly depicted in the given story ‘Monkey and the Dolphin’. Bedtime stories with a moral can uplift the child’s brain. Excessive fakeness and arrogance may lead to downfall. Unnecessary bragging around may only lead one to trouble and problems. In the given story, the monkey bragged about knowing the king, but on the contrary, his allegations and false statements came to an end as the dolphin already knew that there was no one living on that island. This behaviour of the monkey led to his downfall as he was left alone on the island by the dolphin. 

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FAQs on Monkey and The Dolphin Story

1. What resulted in the sinking of the ship?

One of the sailors took his pet monkey on a long journey. A severe storm developed while they were at sea, causing a shipwreck. The sailors and the monkey on board had to swim for their lives. The storm was so fierce that their ship flipped over. All of the crew drowned as a result of the ship's sinking.

2. How was the monkey able to reach the shore of the sea, and was he the king’s friend as he mentioned to the dolphin?

The ship sank due to a strong storm. All of the crew drowned as a result of the ship's sinking. When everyone else fell into the river, the monkey was confident he would also perish. They were all in very bad shape. The monkey attempted to defend himself. A dolphin saw the monkey struggling in the water. Unexpectedly, a dolphin appeared, grabbed him, and assisted him in making it to the water's edge.

The monkey was only bragging when he said, in front of the dolphin, that the monkey was his friend.

3. Why was the dolphin surprised by listening to the monkey?

Dolphin, as he saw the drowning monkey emerge from the sea, grabbed him, and helped him to reach the shore of the sea. Dolphin just wanted to enquire from the monkey that he knew that place, and instead of telling the truth, he just bragged in front of the dolphin about being the king's friend. This statement of him left the dolphin in shock as he knew that no one lived on the island and the monkey was just lying.