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Snakes and Ant Story - A Moral Story for Kids Between King Cobra and Ant

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King Cobra and Ant Story for Kids

The King Cobra and Ant is one the best moral stories for kids. The story is about the mighty Cobra snake that has grown into a very large and powerful creature in the forest. But his unlimited power is smashed by small ants at the end. Read on to learn more about the story “ King Cobra And Ant”.

The King Cobra and Ant

The King Cobra and Ant

A Short Story on King Cobra and Ant

Once upon a time, there lived a huge King Cobra in a dense forest. When he was small, he liked to eat small creatures. But, when he grew up, he started eating lizards, eggs, frogs, and rabbits. Further, when he grew up more,  he even started eating small snakes. 

As he began to grow more and more, his pride began to grow with him. All the other animals in the forest also began to fear the King Cobra. This also boosted King Cobra’s pride each day.

Soon, the King Cobra began to think he was the most powerful creature  and the king of  the forest as all other animals in the forest feared him. Being the most powerful creature and king of the forest, he thought that he should now move from his small hole to a bigger and more decent place. So, he started searching for a place that would suit his size and status.

After some time, he finally came across a big tree. He selected the tree as his house. But suddenly, he observed an anthill near the tree.  He thought, “Why should there be an ugly ant hill near my big house?”

Seeing the anthill near his royal house, he started shouting with full force “I am King Cobra, the most powerful creature and king of the forest”. He ordered the ants to leave the place immediately. There was no reply from the ants’ side. This made him angry. So, he got wild and struck the ant’s hill.

Strangely, within minutes, thousands of ants swarmed up the King Cobra biting him everywhere. King Cobra struggled hard for some time and at last, died a painful death.

Moral of the Story the King Cobra and Ants

The moral of the story is that “We should not be proud of anything as pride goes before fall.” The story also teaches that sometimes even the strong and powerful cannot face the smaller ones when they are large in number. Hence, we should never underestimate the power of any individual.

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FAQs on Snakes and Ant Story - A Moral Story for Kids Between King Cobra and Ant

1. How does the story “King Cobra and Ants''end?

At the end, thousands of ants streamed out of their hill. The ants climbed over King Cobra’s large body and stung him hard. Thousands of thorny pricks all over his body caused unbearable pain to the dreadful Cobra. He wiggled and moved in pain to keep the ants away. He struggled hard for some time and finally died.

2. Which place did King Cobra choose as his new home?

King Cobra was the mightiest animal and considered himself the king of the forest. He thought of living in a big house that would suit his size and status. So, he chose a huge tree as his new house.

3. What kind of death did King Cobra receive?

In the end, King Cobra suffered a painful death. The tiny ants wrapped him up and attacked him fiercely, causing him to wriggle and struggle in pain and die at the end.