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The Story of a Flying Elephant Dumbo

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An Introduction to the Dumbo Story

Dumbo was a very cute and sweet baby elephant. Little cute Dumbo elephant is an all-time favourite of kids.

Dumbo was a young circus elephant who was born with comically large ears. He was able to fly because of his large ears. 

The Flying Elephant Dumbo

The Flying Elephant Dumbo

Let’s read the full story of Dumbo who was a flying elephant and later became the star of the circus. But his journey to becoming the star of the circus was not easy. 

The Dumbo Story in Short

One day at the circus in the morning time. Storks flew overhead to hopeful mothers. The storks were carrying a bundle each holding a baby. Mrs Jumbo sighed with hope when she saw the happy mothers with their babies. She hoped that there would be a bundle for her.

At long last, a stork with a large bundle flew into the railway car of Mrs Jumbo. It was a baby elephant in the bundle. 

When the baby elephant sneezed, two enormous ears flopped out. Mrs Jumbo wanted to name him Jumbo Junior. But the other elephants made fun of him because of his big ears and began to giggle. “Dumbo!”. She did not care about the appearance of Dumbo and loved her baby who had big ears.

A group of naughty children came by the circus tent the next day. They started laughing at Dumbo and teased him. 

Mrs. Jumbo protects her baby elephant by lifting the boy away from Dumbo. But she was kept in prison for doing this. Other elephants ignored poor Dumbo after Mrs Jumbo was locked. 

Timothy Mouse became a friend of Dumbo. Timothy's little mouse wanted to help his new friend.

Dumbo and his friend Timothy Mouse

Dumbo and his friend Timothy Mouse

Dumbo tried to become the Star of the circus by reaching the top of an enormous pyramid of pachyderms as Timothy advised him to do so. But he failed and this act made other elephants very angry with him.

Now Dombo was sent into an act of clowning where other clowns teased him. He felt lonelier than ever. 

Timothy mouse makes him meet his mother to cheer up Dumbo. Dumbo and his mother became very happy when they saw each other. Mrs Jumbo cuddled her son by putting her trunk through the bars of the cage.

That night, baby Dumbo dreamed he became the star of the circus as he was flying through the air. 


The next morning Dumbo and Timothy found a group of crows looking at them when they opened their eyes. They were very surprised as they were high up in a tree. 

Timothy mouse cried, “Dumbo you flew high with your ears. They are perfectly wings. The little elephant was surprised. 

One crow gave an ordinary feather to Dumbo and said that it was a magical feather that would help him in flying. Dumbo believed him and flew with his big ears.

Dumbo stood at the top of a building at night in the circus. He did not feel frightened. He believed that he had a magical feather and could fly safely. 

Dumbo took a deep breath and began to flap his ears as quickly as he could. Suddenly, Dumbo was flying. Dombo noticed that he can fly without feathers so he realised that his ears had the ability to make him fly.

The ringmaster was amazed! He watched Dumbo fly from the building. He was amazed to see the cheering crowds. Dumbo was a star of the circus now. 

Jumbo became famous all over the world. The crowd flocked to the circus to see him. The ringmaster released the mother of Dumbo Mrs Jumbo and gave them a special train car of their own. 

Dumbo and his friend Timothy Mouse

Dumbo with his mother

Dumbo and his mother lived happily ever after.


The story of the famous flying elephant Dumbo is provided above.

The story of Dumbo is very interesting for kids. Children learn about the love of the mother Mrs. Jumbo for her child and the friendship of Timothy mouse.

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FAQs on The Story of a Flying Elephant Dumbo

1. What is the moral of the story Dumbo, the flying elephant?

The moral of the story is that we should not discourage anyone because of his or her appearance. The baby elephant was teased because of his big ears but later he became famous all over the world because of his big ears.

2. How did Dumbo become the star of the circus?

Dumbo had big ears. People in the circus and other elephants used to make fun of him because of his appearance. But one day he got to know that he was able to fly because of his big ears. People all over the world used to see him in the circus when he flew. So he became the Star of the circus.