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The Chinese Bamboo Story - Learn Powerful Life Lessons

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Story about Chinese Bamboo

What Is the Story of the Chinese Bamboo?

Do you want to read a story that is fascinating and also teaches you some important things about life? This is a story about the Chinese bamboo tree, which has the power to grow up to 90 feet tall. Sounds amazing, right? Let’s not waste time and read this Chinese bamboo story together to learn important life lessons in an interesting way.

The Chinese bamboo story

The Chinese bamboo story

The Frustrated Man 

Once upon a time, there was a man who was disappointed with his life. He worked very hard all day and put in much effort, but he always faced failure. The man felt very frustrated, so one day he left everything and exiled himself to the forest. He met a Hermit there. Seeing the frustrated man, the Hermit asked him why he was living in the woods. The man told the Hermit about his failure and asked, “Please tell me one reason why I should not give up my sad life?

Fern and the Chinese Bamboo

The Hermit told him the Chinese bamboo story. He showed the man two plants and asked, “Do you see the two plants there? The fern and the Chinese bamboo?” The man nodded in yes. Hermit then told him that he had planted the seeds of both the plants together. He said, “I took proper care of both plants. I gave them the required food, water, sunlight and fertiliser. But the fern grew quickly within a short period but the bamboo did not.” The man was confused and asked the Hermit why it was so.

The Hermit nourished the bamboo

The Hermit nourished the bamboo

The Hermit continued, “I nurtured the Chinese bamboo for four years but nothing happened. There was no sign of growth. But, I did not give up on the tree and continued to nurture it. In the fifth year, the Chinese bamboo tree grew almost 90 feet tall within two months.” Hearing this the man became stunned. He asked the Hermit, “So nothing happened in the bamboo tree seed for the first four years, but it grew to a shocking height only in a few months! How is it possible?”

The Magic of Chinese Bamboo

The Hermit laughed and explained to the man that the little bamboo tree was using all the nourishment to grow below the soil and to develop its strong root system that would help it grow tremendously tall. The Chinese bamboo developed a strong foundation to help sustain itself in its later years. 

The fully grown Chinese bamboo tree

The fully grown Chinese bamboo tree

The Hermit then asked the man, “Do you now understand why you should not give up on your life?” The man finally learnt his lesson that all his struggles were building his foundation for a better life. He thanked the Hermit and left the forest to start his life afresh and to fulfil his dreams.

Hidden Messages in the Chinese Bamboo Story

The Chinese bamboo story is full of powerful life lessons. It teaches you patience, persistence, faith, growth and that every person has potential.

Just like the Chinese bamboo develops its strong roots to survive in future, you must also keep working hard and build a solid foundation to achieve success. The Chinese bamboo story also teaches that you must not give up in a difficult situation. Instead you should keep working on yourself and your strong character will ultimately help you overcome the challenge.

The Chinese bamboo story asks you to have faith in your potential. Even if you feel that your progress is slow as compared to others or if you are failing too many times, have patience. One day, your hard work and persistence will finally make you fulfil your dreams.

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FAQs on The Chinese Bamboo Story - Learn Powerful Life Lessons

1. What would have happened if the Hermit had stopped taking care of the bamboo tree or dug up its seed?

In the Chinese bamboo story, if the Hermit had not nourished the bamboo tree, it would have greatly affected the bamboo’s growth. The Chinese bamboo tree may have even died before its seed sprouted.

2. What lessons does the Chinese bamboo story teach parents?

The Chinese bamboo story teaches that parents should remain patient while teaching their children values. This will help inculcate patience in the children as well. Parents should not have high expectations from their children at an early age as it will put pressure on the kids. Letting them grow slowly according to their time will build children’s strong character.