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The Story of Magic Paintbrush

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Introduction to the Short Story

The magic paintbrush is a Chinese folktale, the story depicts the story of a young boy who receives a magical paintbrush as a reward for his love of paintings. The story narrates the journey of the young boy and how he decides to use the power of the magic brush for the good of society.

The article presents a fascinating version of the magic paintbrush story in English. Needless to say, stories help in the overall development of a kid, reading stories can not only help kids academically but also help them imbibe the moral values taught in the stories. Let us look into the tale of the young boy and the magic brush.

The Magic Paintbrush and Ma Liang

There was once a young boy named Ma Liang. He lived in a small village in China.  He was poor and friendly, and he loved to draw. His love for painting was too much so he drew paintings all over the place.

He had a dream one night that an old man handed him a magical paintbrush and told him to use it to help the less fortunate. He found the magic paintbrush on his desk when he awoke.

The magic paintbrush.

The magic paintbrush

He began to use the paintbrush anytime someone needed assistance from that day on. He designed a river and it came to life when he noticed that people didn't have enough water to utilize in the fields. 

He drew a cow and it came to life when he observed how difficult it was for people to till the field. The cow might readily be used to plow the ground.

As a result, whenever he saw anyone in distress, he would use his magical paintbrush to assist them. The magic paintbrush was well-known back then.

However, in the town, there lived a wealthy man who was cruel, and he was determined to steal the young guy's paintbrush so that he could use it to become even wealthier. He realized that by bringing things to life and preserving them, he could make a lot of money, so he dispatched some people to Ma Liang's residence and sent him to prison.

He was overjoyed when he finally got his hands on the paintbrush, and he brought his pals around to see his new acquisition. He drew many pictures, but none of them seemed to come alive for him.

He was furious because the paintbrush was not working for him, so he summoned Ma Liang.

"If you create some drawings for me and bring them to life, I will set you free," he stated to the young guy.

Ma Liang did not want to serve such a horrible man, but he had a solution. "I can help you," he said to the wicked man, "but you must obey your words." 

‘What would you like me to draw?" he asked.

The rich man stated, "I'd like to have a golden mountain. I'll go there to look for gold."

However, the young man sketched a sea first, followed by a golden mountain far away from the water.

"Draw a massive ship immediately," the wealthy man requested.

The young man drew a large ship and grinned silently. The rich guy hopped onto the ship and set out to find the treasure, but when the ship reached the middle of the sea, Ma Liang created a tremendous wave that sank the ship, and the rich man was never seen again in the village.

As the wicked man and his helpers died, Ma Liang returned to the village and lived a long and happy life. He continued to help the ones who are in need and was admired by everyone. 


We can conclude the story with the moral lesson that greed is a harmful thing. As depicted in the magic paintbrush story, the rich man died because he was too greedy and wanted to become even richer.

Stories like the one mentioned in the article are important for kids to learn and understand the moral principles of life. These stories are not only fun to read but can help kids in developing critical thinking and understanding of the importance of virtues in day to day life.

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FAQs on The Story of Magic Paintbrush

1. Why did Ma Liang receive the magic paintbrush?

Ma Liang received the magic paintbrush because he had a great enthusiasm for painting and the young boy was honest. It was because of his honesty, compassion and selflessness that he was rewarded with the magic brush by the mystical forces. The story of Ma Liang essentially depicts the importance of such virtues.

2. Why did the rich man die?

The rich man was a greedy person, he captured the young boy and the paintbrush so that he would draw riches and grow even wealthier. But eventually, his greed led to his death as he forced MaLiang to draw the ship to cross the sea and reach the golden mountain. The young boy followed the orders but as soon as they reached the middle of the sea, Ma Liang drew a wave which sank the boat and the evil rich man died.