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All Time Favourite Elephant Stories for Kids

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Do you know which is the largest land animal? Yes, it is the elephant. What about the smallest insect? That’s right! It is the ant. Now, who do you think is the more powerful? Well, from the size of the elephant, you may think the elephant is more powerful than the ant. However, it is not always true. Let’s read stories about how tiny creatures such as an ant or rats can overpower or help the mighty elephant. 

Two Amazing Elephant Stories for Kids

As we promised, here are two most amazing stories that you will enjoy reading and also learn how every living creature can be helpful in all aspects of life. These stories will surely bring smiles to your face.

How the Ant Taught the Elephant a Lesson

The elephant and the ant

The Elephant and the Ant

Once upon a time, there lived a proud and naughty elephant in a jungle. It treated all creatures smaller than itself harshly and was very rude to them. One day, the ant family set out on their daily hunt for food. On their way, they met the elephant who had a naughty idea and decided to cause the ant family trouble. 

Suddenly, it sprayed the ants with water. The ants became very angry and one of them cried, “This is wrong! You cannot harm others like this.” The rude elephant replied, “You silly ant! I will crush you under my foot if you speak again.” The clever ant then decided to teach the elephant a lesson so that it learns to respect every creature. 

The tiny ant quietly crept inside the elephant’s trunk and started biting it. The elephant jumped and blowed its trunk to get rid of the ant but it did not stop. The big elephant kept crying in pain. Finally, it said “I am sorry. I have realised my mistake. I promise I will be good and not trouble anyone.” The ant then stopped biting it and came out. The elephant had learnt a lesson and was good to everyone thereafter. The elephant and the ant became great friends.

When the Rats Rescued the Elephants 

The elephants and the rats

The Elephants and the Rats

One sunny morning, a herd of elephants were on a journey to search for food. They were so happily singing and marching that they did not see the tiny rats that got crushed under their feet. This made the other rats very worried. They held a meeting and their leader decided that it would talk to the elephants and tell them about the problem.

So, the rats met with the elephants and their leader said, “Mighty elephant! We do not wish to cause any trouble but you have unknowingly crushed many of our members under your feet. It is our humble request that you change your path so that we can live.” The elephants agreed and the rats rejoiced. The rats, in return, promised to help them when the elephants would need them. On hearing this, the elephants laughed and told each other, “How can tiny rats like them help such big animals like us?” 

A few days later, the elephants set out on their journey. On the way, they were caught in a hunter’s net. They tried very hard but could not free themselves. They raised their trunks and trumpeted loud. When the rats heard the noise, they understood that the elephants were in danger and quickly rushed to help them. All the rats bit the net and tore it into pieces, thereby setting the elephants free. The elephants thanked the rats for saving them. From then onwards, the rats and the elephants became good friends and always helped each other. 


Both these stories teach us that we should not think less of anyone smaller than us. Each living creature has its own talents and qualities. We should never treat them badly or be too proud of ourselves. It is important to be humble, gentle, and friendly with others. Moreover, the rats show how we should keep our promises and help each other in need.

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FAQs on All Time Favourite Elephant Stories for Kids

1. Do you think the ant did the right thing by teaching the elephant a lesson?

Yes, the ant did the right thing by teaching the elephant a lesson because otherwise it would not have realised its mistake. The elephant took advantage of its big size and was very proud of itself. The story tells us that the elephant was rude to the animals smaller than itself. Being rude or ill treating those who are weaker than you is not a good quality. The ant used its wits and showed the elephant how a tiny creature such as itself has the power to punish a big elephant. This not only helped the elephant to be a good animal but they also became friends.

2. How do we know that the rats kept their promise?

When the elephants accepted the request of the rats and agreed to change their path, the rats had promised the elephants that they would help them in danger. When the elephants were trapped in the hunter’s net and shouted for help, the rats rushed to the elephants and rescued them. They bit and tore the hunter’s net and helped the elephants free themselves. This is how we know that the rats kept their promise that they had made to the elephants.