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Short Story of Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand in English for Kids

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Short stories with relatable characters and important lessons are imperative for young minds to learn about the ways of life. 

  • This story will help young readers understand the value of friendship and to be kind with one’s words. 

  • They will understand how to be sensitive to other people’s disabilities and not make fun of them.

Let’s Read Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand

Short stories are a mine of knowledge for both kids and adults. When we particularly talk about children, short stories serve as an excellent way to hone their moral and intellectual compass. However, the best part is that children also love and adore reading stories. Thus, they are a medium of knowledge that young minds can absorb easily and gleefully.

In this article, we will focus on the short story – Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand – which caters to children from all walks of life. The book's premise centres on friendship, building self-esteem and understanding the trials and tribulations of others with disabilities. It is a heartfelt narrative that has garnered several accolades and praises from bigwigs. The objective of the article is to provide a crisp summary in a comprehensible fashion for a better understanding of kids.

Origin of the Story 

The Stuttering Stan story was first published in 2008 by renowned children’s books author – Arthie Knapp. The illustrator of the book is Barbara L. Gibson. The book is ideal for children between the ages of 4 to 10. The story was originally published by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Paediatric Speech Pathology Department and is also endorsed by the Internal Stuttering Association.

It is noteworthy to mention that Artie Knapp is a revered children’s author with around 40 publications under his name. Many of his works are also part of course books throughout Asia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Artie is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

The Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand Story Summary

The story begins with Stanley, the baby squirrel having a conversation with his mother about the need to be independent and learn how to store nuts, as it will be Stanley’s first winter on his own. Stanley assured his mother that he would store enough nuts but already had enough food to last him for seasons. How? This is because Stanley had hidden multiple boxes of chocolates when a truck carrying them accidentally dropped some of the boxes. Although Stanley is very secretive about his hidden treasure, his old acquaintance Earl the chipmunk, finds out about Stanley’s chocolates.

Earl and Stanley had some bad blood going on because Earl had stolen four of Stanley’s nuts the last they bumped into each other. However, Stanley shrugged off the issue by saying “The first that grabs the nut keeps the nut.” Then, Earl began showing off his skills by saying that he had collected so many nuts that he could easily survive ten winters. Stanley did not pay heed to Earl. But, at that very moment, Earl saw some remnants of chocolate around Stanley’s mouth and realised that he had stored heaps of candy bars around the Oak tree. Earl asks Stanley to share some, but the latter refuses and says why he would because all Earl does is make fun of him.

At that very moment, Earl and Stanley froze as they heard a similar voice echoing. It was Raker the Racoon, who is infamous for his strength. Legend has it that Raker lost one of his eyes while battling it out with a rattlesnake. Raker then joined the duo, chided them, and ate the entire candy bar himself. He led out a large burp, had a hearty laugh, and left after giving Stanley a snarky and condescending look. Then, Earl said, ‘Well, you sure did stand up for yourself, Stuttering Stan.’ Then, Earl went on to ask Stanley for some chocolate, but the latter denied having any more left. Finally, Earl left by warning Stanley of the consequences.

Then the Stuttering Stan story continues. Raker began telling everyone about how he stole Stanley’s chocolates. Thus, Stan was forced to hide his ‘chocolaty’ treasures again, as he realised that anyone could come and steal them now. After hiding his candy in a place where nobody would ever look, Stanley felt lonely and ostracised. But, he was convinced that he was not a stingy squirrel. He simply did not feel it right to share his chocolate with those who made fun of him, the fun of his stuttering.

The next morning when Stanley woke up, he saw two Blue Jays fighting over food, which reminded of his small ordeal with Earl. Then, a voice erupted from behind and asked Stanley what he was looking for. It was the girl squirrel Shelby. Stanley said nothing in his stuttering speech. Then, Shelby asked Stanley why he talked like that. Stanley sharply replied that he had a speech impediment and was not in the mood to be made of. But Shelby said that she was not making fun of Stanley, and the way he talked was cute. It is what one says that matters and not how one says it. Stanley was taken aback by the girl squirrel’s kindness, and tears rose in his eyes.

Then, Stanley and Shelby began engaging in some small talk. Stanley told Shelby why he left home and how lonely and miserable he felt. But, rather than providing some words of encouragement, Shelby said that Raker must have a soft spot inside his heart and that Stan should go and talk to him. Although Stan was unsure about Raker’s kindness, he decided to make an effort and left for home. After reaching home, Stanley was approached by Earl, who began poking fun at Stan’s stuttering. Then, Stanley realised that every animal in his neighbourhood was waiting for him to come back so that they could have his chocolate. Stanley agreed to share but then expressed his feelings of being hurt when everyone made fun of his stuttering. The animals realised their mistake and apologised.

Stanley then took everyone to his hiding spot and began distributing chocolates to everyone. At that moment, Raker came and said that he wanted everyone to stop eating the chocolates and leave them in a pile so that he could have them all. But this time, Stanley stood up to Raker, but the latter began bullying him by hanging Stan upside down. Suddenly, Shelby emerged from behind and told Raker to stop. But, instead, Raker began laughing at Shelby's two missing front teeth. This time, Shelby took a stand for what he truly believed in and began struggling while in Raker’s grasp. During the process, Raker’s eyepatch fell off, and to everyone’s surprise, his one eye was intact sans any damage. He had just created a fake story to become a bully and frighten others. After realising that Raker was just a wannabe, every animal in the neighbourhood began laughing at him. But Stanley stopped everyone and said that nobody likes to be teased. Then, he shared his chocolate with Raker. All the animals had a hearty time relishing the candy, and everyone was filled with joy. So, that was a crisp Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand story summary.

Stanley and Raker

Stanley and Raker

Moral of the Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand Story

The Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand theme revolves around multiple elements, such as kindness, the beauty of forgiving others, giving, and especially being friendly. The story teaches young minds to be kind towards people with disabilities. It explains that although teasing someone for any impediment may not be intended to harm the other person and done in a jolly way; we never know how the person with the impediment might be affected by our words. Thus, we should be sensitive to people’s difficulties and disabilities. Lastly, the Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand story also teaches us to stand up for ourselves and our friends, just like Stan stood up for Shelby when Raker was poking fun at her.

Note to Parents 

The Stanley Takes a Stand story is vital for every child to read as it deals with central themes of disability, bullying, self-esteem, and friendships. It can help young minds navigate their childhood and deal with many emotions. Thus, parents should provide their kids with a Stuttering Stan story PDF.

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FAQs on Short Story of Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand in English for Kids

1. Who was Stanley?

Stanley was a squirrel who had a speech impediment. Stanley used to stutter.

2. Why did Stanley run away from his neighbourhood?

Stanley ran away from his neighbourhood because he was afraid that everyone would come for his chocolates and make even more fun of him.

3. Who was Earl?

Earl was a chipmunk who initially made fun of Stanley’s stutter but later realised his mistake.


Short stories with relatable characters and important lessons are imperative for young minds to learn about the ways of life. 

  • This story will help young readers understand the value of friendship and to be kind with one’s words. 

  • They will understand how to be sensitive to other people’s disabilities and not make fun of them.