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Please Please The Bees

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Sweet Life of Benedict and His Bees

“Please please the bees” is a pretty interesting book about the sweet life of Benedict, a bear who lives a life of habit, and the bees who give him 3 jars of honey every morning. But one fine day, bees decide to go on a strike and stop providing him honey as they are not satisfied with the working conditions.

What will Benedict do to bring the bees back to his life and the sweetness that comes along with them?

Please Please The Bees

Please Please The Bees

Please Please the Bees Story 

Benedict the bear’s life is as sweet as honey. Every day he follows the same daily routine and each morning the bees leave three jars full of honey outside his door.

Honey means the world to him as his day starts from stretching and scratching in the morning and having honey toast for breakfast, followed by practising music and baking a honey cake or knitting during the afternoon, and doing everyday chores in the evening to reading a book with a honey tea before sleeping at night. 

Everything was going well! 

Until one morning things suddenly changed as there was no jar of honey outside his door because the bees decided to go on a strike. 

Why Did the Bees Go on a Strike?

His days were just incomplete without the honey or even miserable. He didn’t have honey to make the honey toast or honey tea or to even bake a cake! He was so sad that he didn’t even bother practising or doing other activities. 

After a few days, while sitting in the garden, Benedict heard a voice of a bee saying “hey, you in the fur coat! We need to talk. “

And the bees told him about the reason for going on a strike, they were unhappy with their lives because of the bad working conditions as there was no greenery in the garden, and they had to fly long distances to find flowers to gather the honey. So the bees asked the bear to change some conditions if he wanted the honey again. 

Did the Bear Change His Selfish Attitude?

Benedict had no idea about this before but after realising everything he felt guilty about taking the bees for granted and not thinking about their lives and the efforts they put in. So he started doing some research about how to care for the bees and planted new plants in his garden and the area around his home and even repaired the area where the bees lived. And he also learned to harvest honey.

Benedict the Bear

Benedict The Bear

And finally, the bees came back happily as Benedict changed all the conditions and even looked after their needs. 

Benedict doesn’t take honey for granted anymore and their lives are even sweeter than ever. 

Moral of the Story

“Please please the bees” teaches us to have empathy for everyone and respect one another. And to never take anyone or anything in life for granted.

Bear and the Bee

Bear and The Bee

Please Please The Bees Worksheet

Please Please The Bees' Activities

Activity 1. What five words would you use to describe Benedict the bear from the “Please please the bees” story? Complete the empty boxes below by placing the words of your choice.

Five Fantastic Traits Of The Bear Benedict

Activity 1: Five Fantastic Traits Of The Bear Benedict

Activity 2. What five words would you use to describe the Bees from the “Please please the bees” story? Complete the empty boxes below by placing any five words of your choice. 

Five Fantastic Traits Of The Bees

Activity 2: Five Fantastic Traits Of The Bees



Please Please The Bees is a lovely and simple story revolving around the theme of selflessness, and caring about each other. It is a story of a bear and how his life becomes less sweet when the bees go on strike and stop providing him, honey. Their hive was a wreck and they had to fly very far to collect honey. But after realising. Benedict did change his selfish attitude and started taking care of their living conditions and even planted new plants. And finally, the bees came back happily.

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FAQs on Please Please The Bees

1. Who wrote the story “Please Please The Bees”?

Gerald Kelley wrote the story “Please Please The Bees”.

2. Describe the characteristics of Benedict the bear.?

Benedict the bear had a selfish attitude, but he proved to be kind-hearted and concerned as he welcomed the bees wholeheartedly after releasing his mistakes.

3. Do you think what bees did was the right thing to do?

Yes, I think that the bees did the right thing to go on a strike as their efforts were not being appreciated by the bear.