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Short Space Stories - Why Space Aliens Haven’t Destroyed the Planet Yet?

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What is Space?

The area just outside Earth's atmosphere is known as space, commonly known as outer space. The Kármán Line, which is roughly 100 kilometres or 62 miles above the Earth, is where space officially begins. There is no oxygen in space, unlike on Earth, which is why astronauts must travel in high-tech spacesuits. This also implies that there is no air in space to scatter sunlight and create a blue sky as we have on Earth.

Space is a vacuum, meaning it is absolutely devoid of any substance, such as air, making it absolutely quiet and dark. Since sound is transmitted by air molecules, it is impossible for sound to exist in space without them.

Now, let us read one of the interesting short space stories about Aliens and a boy, and know the reason Aliens haven’t destroyed our Earth yet.

Space Story: Why Space Aliens Haven’t Destroyed the Planet Yet?

Dave was at a party and eating his candy bar quietly in a corner, sitting on the grass in the park, and clutching the candy bar softly but firmly in his left palm. Dave was a quiet child and he rarely talked to anyone. He  does not like  running like other kids and making noise.

He preferred to sit quietly in a corner and read a book, watch a movie, or, in this case, enjoy a candy bar. The other kids liked Dave, but because of his quiet nature turned some of them off.

That day Dave unwrapped the candy bar and was about to take the first bite when he noticed lights above him. He was surprised when he looked up as it was a spacecraft descending from the sky. 

Someone from the landed UFO spoke to Dave in an unexpectedly friendly tone:

“Greetings, Earth Human. My name is Gygar and I am from the planet Ramzok many, many lightyears from here.” That was Alien.  He said that his people had been  observing Earth for one thousand years. He further added,” we (Aliens) have not been happy with what we have seen. Half of you are starving, while the other half are obese. Ninety-nine per cent of you work like dogs to maintain the lifestyle of the one percent who have all the money. You go to war with people who have a slightly different interpretation of books written aeons before any of you were ever even born. We have therefore decided that, for the good of the universe, your planet will be destroyed.``

Listening to this the little boy Dave was silent for a little period. His six-year-old shoulders were suddenly bearing the weight of the universe, and he wasn't sure he was equal to it. In fact, he genuinely considered sobbing and fleeing, which is usually a smart idea when confronted with something terrifying, but Dave assumed it would be considered a forfeit, and Gygar would blow up the Earth. So, while he pondered his options, he looked down at his hands. That's when he had an epiphany and stretched his left arm.

Confused, Gygar opened one of his right hands and allowed the little human to place something brown in his green palm, half-covered by a plastic wrapper. Dave pretended to eat while explaining to the alien what he should do with the candy bar. Gygar shrugged and took a bite of chocolate. The Alien Gygar was stained with the taste of candy bars. He kept on eating another bite of the chocolate.

Gygar exclaimed, "This is the most amazing dish I've ever tasted!" He asked Dave "And you claim you make it here on Earth?". Dave smiled and nodded. Ginger said that he needs that candy bar again and again and if they destroy the earth He would not be able to have candy bars. So Gygar returned without destroying earth and kept visiting Earth to eat chocolate.

That's how this peaceful young guy saved the planet while also introducing chocolate to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Why Space Aliens Haven’t Destroyed the Planet Yet

Why Space Aliens Haven’t Destroyed the Planet Yet


The story “Why Space Alien Haven’t Destroyed The Planet Yet” is an interesting story of a young boy who saved Earth from aliens with the help of a candy bar. Kids like to read and listen to such stories.

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FAQs on Short Space Stories - Why Space Aliens Haven’t Destroyed the Planet Yet?

1. What exactly is there in space?

When we think of space, we usually see a vast, empty emptiness, although there are many things that exist there. As we all know, the Solar System has a great number of stars, as well as all of the planets.

2. How did a young boy Dave save the planet?

This brave young guy Dave rescued the world while simultaneously bringing chocolate to the farthest corners of the universe.