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Story of Three Fishes - A Panchatantra Tale

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“Don’t go outside, it's raining and roads are slippery, you might slip.” What if your mother said this to you? Certainly, as you step out from your home, you will slip. For sure this happened to you too. Isn't it? What does it mean? It simply means that we must listen to our mother or any person who thinks of us and cares for us.

But what do we do, exactly? Well, here is the story of three best friends—three musketeers fishes. The story is about how they trust each other, and what they pay for one's licentious behaviour. 

Very short story about fish

Very Short Story About Fish

Panchtantra Story of the Three Fish

In this story of Panchatantra, there lived three fishes in a lake, named Daisy, Tulip and Lily. They were very good friends, but all three are different in nature. Lily and Tulip are the most beautiful fish in the lake. Daisy is very intelligent, thoughtful and always took care of her friends. Tulip is very sweet and smart. Daisy and Tulip always believe in taking the decision after evaluating the situation whereas Lily is very immutable. Lily always believed in fate. She believed that no one cannot change the situation.

One day, a fisherman and his friends were walking near the shore. They find that the lake is full of fish. They planned to come tomorrow to fish. One of his friends pointed out Lily and Tulip and said that they will catch both of them, as they got mesmerised with their beauty. They left that place while talking to each other. But Daisy listens to all the conversations held between the fisherman and his friends.


Soon Daisy came near to her friends and told them everything about them. She asked both of them to leave the lake with her. She said if we do not leave the place, then the fisherman will catch them tomorrow. She suggested we could shift to another place.

Tulip and Lily got scared. But both stand out with different points of view. On one hand, Tulip agreed with Daisy and was ready to leave the lake and shifted into another by the canal. Whilst Lily denied. Lily said, “I cannot leave this lake. This is my home. I will not leave my home anyhow.” 

Both of Lily’s friends try to convince her. Daisy said, “If you come up with us, we will build a new home. I promise we will always stay together”. Tulip nodded and said, “Yes. We will take care of each other more.” “Also, we will get the opportunity to explore more.” she added. 

But, the stubborn fish could not get affected at all. In fact, she got angry with them, asked them to leave.  

Daisy and Tulip decided to leave the lake and shifted to another. They got emotional and said, “Let her face the situation and follow her course of action”.

The next day, the fisherman came with his friends. He threw his net to catch the fish. He got multiple fishes into his net, along with Lily. She tries hard to come out but is unfortunately unable. Sooner, realised that if she followed her friends, she would be safe with them. 

Moral of the Story

‘The Three Different Fish' story has one of the most important lessons to learn from it. It is important to act wisely when anticipating a problem. This story, among many other stories from the Panchatantra, not only inspires children but also teaches them valuable life lessons such as wisdom, intelligence, the value of time, and many others. It's always good to be thoughtful or at least intelligent and resourceful because Planning ahead makes life easier!


In this article, we have read a story that is very interesting for kids which is of three fish. The bond between all three fish was very nice and they were good friends. Although the third fish tried to help his friends, the foolish first fish did not listen to him and got caught by the fishermen. Through this story, we learnt that we should always plan before any action. 

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FAQs on Story of Three Fishes - A Panchatantra Tale

1. What is the moral of the story of Panchatantra—The Three Fishes?

The moral of the story is that we should always be open to changes because sometimes rigidity leads to perdition. Also, we must listen to our elders or fellows.

2. Who tries to save the life of her friends?

Daisy–the intelligent fish, tries to save her friends from the fisherman and his fellow. But, she could only save Tulip, as Lilly refused to leave the lake and was caught by the fisherman.