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Teeny Tiny Woman Story

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Overview of a Classical Story: Teeny Tiny Woman

Teeny tiny woman story is a classical story written by Pual Galdone in 1976. It is an interesting story that has suspense, a little bit of horror, and a teeny tiny world of a teeny tiny woman where everything is present in teeny tiny form. Yes, it is different as everything in this world of teeny tiny woman is also teeny tiny and you can easily observe this in the story of “Teeny tiny woman”

Are you excited to go into the world of teeny tiny woman? C’mon, Let’s go there and listen to the whole story about her.

Story Begins

Teeny Tiny Woman

Sometime in the distant past, there was a little lady. A small, teeny, tiny woman who lived in a teeny, tiny house in a teeny, tiny village. She experienced isolation in a little house. Her house sat on the little edge of a major marsh. The small lady adored her little house.

Teeny Tiny Woman

Teeny Tiny Woman

Now, this teeny-tiny woman left her teeny-tiny home one day to go on a teeny-tiny walk while wearing her teeny-tiny hat. When this teeny-tiny woman reached a teeny-tiny gate after travelling a teeny-tiny distance, she opened the gate and entered a teeny-tiny churchyard

A teeny-tiny bone was on a teeny-tiny grave when this teeny-tiny woman entered the teeny-tiny churchyard, and she thought to herself, "This teeny-tiny bone will make me some teeny-tiny soup for my teeny-tiny supper." 

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The Teeny-Tiny Woman Near The Grave

So the teeny-tiny woman put the teeny-tiny bone into her teeny-tiny pocket and went home to her teeny-tiny house.

The teeny-tiny woman was a teeny-tiny bit exhausted when she arrived at her teeny-tiny home. She climbed her teeny-tiny stairs to her teeny-tiny bed and tucked the teeny-tiny bone away. After this teeny-small woman had slept for a tiny bit, she was awakened by a tiny voice coming from the tiny cupboard. The voice said: 'Give me my bone!'

When the teeny tiny woman realised she was scared, she tucked her head under her little garments and went back to sleep. And after a brief period of sleep, the teeny-tiny voice screamed out from the teeny-tiny cabinet once more, this time a little bit louder, 'Give me my bone!'

The teeny tiny woman became even more frightened as a result, and she covered her head far further under her little garments. The teeny-tiny voice from the teeny-tiny cabinet then repeated itself teeny-tiny louder after the teeny-tiny woman had fallen asleep once again, 'Give me my bone!'

This time the teeny tiny woman was even more terrified, yet she nonetheless punched her teeny-little head out from beneath her teeny tiny garments and yelled, "TAKE IT!" in the loudest, teeniest voice she could manage.


The Story of a teeny tiny woman is shared in this article. In the story, a teeny tiny woman resided in a teeny tiny home close to a teeny tiny town. The teeny tiny woman went for a walk one day while wearing her teeny small bonnet. She reached the teeny-tiny churchyard, the teeny-tiny woman noticed a teeny-tiny bone on a teeny-tiny grave and thought to take it. She took it and bought it at her place. Then, she got some scary voice from the bone. The voice says “ Give me my bone”. Lastly, she replied to that voice “Take your bone” and in this way the story of a teeny tiny woman ends.

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FAQs on Teeny Tiny Woman Story

1. What is the teeny-tiny woman about?

This story, which is based on a traditional fairy tale, is about a teeny, tiny woman who goes for a walk. She brings a teeny-tiny bone home to make teeny-tiny soup after finding it. She might be little, but she's about to have a tremendous surprise!

2. Who lived in a teeny tiny house?

Teeny tiny woman lived in a teeny tiny house near a teeny tiny town. One day she put on her teeny tiny bonnet and went out to take a teeny tiny walk where she found a teeny tiny bone. 

3. When was the teeny tiny woman written?

Her first picture book, The Teeny Tiny Woman: An Old-English Ghost Story, was published in 1976. She wrote and illustrated several more picture books and also illustrated picture book texts for other authors.